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Has Pregnancy Resulted in Any Positive Lifestyle Changes?

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highlander · 22/07/2004 02:19

and I'm not talking about the new shopping opportunites

well, I know I have a bit of a reputation for moaning about EVERY aspect of pregnancy, but there have been positive effects - honest

The biggest impact is that I am now a confirmed 'healthy eater'. Weight has never been a problem for me, due to lots of exercise, but I used to be a bit of a chip butty and red wine gal Oh, and choccy bars, crisps, cake........

Reluctant to become a pregnancy neurotic eater, I thought the best thing I could do for the sprog was change my chip butty ways. Even DH is delighted, and he loves his sausage suppers. We're chuffed to bits that we're cooking 'from scratch' meals every night and quaffing loads of fruit and veg. Even DH has cut back the booze to only 1 beer/week (although in Canada no-one seems to drink as much as in the UK)

We also sit at a table instead of in front of the TV.

Now, how much of this lasts when the wailing sprog arrives.....

OP posts:
Ghosty · 22/07/2004 02:29

He he he ... highlander .... just you wait! It will continue for about 8 months or so after the youngster arrives and then you will be eating all sorts of crap again ...
Toddler food .... the bane of my life!! Not that DS eats too much rubbish but I am always finishing off his meals and half eaten biscuits and half finished yoghurts!
I read in a magazine that if you were to count up all the licks of peanut butter when making sandwiches and nibbles of this and that throughout the day of a mother of a toddler then it adds up to about 14 Weight Watchers points ... and considering 18 points a day is what you are allowed to eat when you are dieting that is a nightmare!!!
And then there is irresistible party food when the round of birthday party invitations start coming in ... I am a shocker for kiddies party food ...
Positive lifestyle changes for me:
No more fags
Early nights
Far less booze
Don't swear as much anymore

Blimey I must have been a right lush before I had children

nightowl · 22/07/2004 03:06

the only thing ive learnt is more tolerance and that children are not so scary as i always thought! i ate healthily aswell but thats all gone downhill now! (try preparing food when babba is screaming) never mind!

gothicmama · 22/07/2004 07:30

Gave up smoking, eat at the table as family at least one meal a day I am calmer as a person althi I am less spontaneous now

serenequeen · 22/07/2004 08:29

giving up smoking, small amount of alcohol consumption, drinking loads more water.

Angeliz · 22/07/2004 08:46

Good God yes!

I've stopped smoking-(the hardest)

drinking-(but am only 9 weeks, will be having the odd glass again soon!)

Eat tonnes of fruit

early nights(due to boredom at not smoking)

As Ghosty said though, i have dd aged 3 and a half and it didn't take me long to start the wine fags and late nights again! This time though i'm gonna try harder to keep off the fags for good as i may want another and can't do it again! I keep saying i'll start again when they're all older!!

HelloMama · 22/07/2004 14:03

I think I used to be a bit of a control freak and so career orientated (not necessarily a bad thing) but i had my life mapped out completely and everything had to go to plan... then I got pregnant and now I feel very chilled out! I can't really plan anything because we don't really know where we'll be in 6 months time, let alone a year. I still enjoy my job and am looking forward to working again but its not the be all and end all any more, and I think thats made me a better person! Plus now I always eat my 5 fruit veg portions per day!

prettycandles · 22/07/2004 14:48

Ha ha ha.

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