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How much clothes do i need? So confused....

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Jellybabie3 · 06/07/2017 08:47

Planning on leaving him in sleepsuits as outfits are a faff. Any suggestions how much i need of Sleepsuits etc

OP posts:
beekeeper17 · 06/07/2017 08:56

Depends on how often you want to be doing washing, and also if you have a tumble drier! We could have got through maybe 4 or 5 vests and sleepsuits a day on some days in the early days, they can bring up milk quite a bit.

TeaTeaTea · 06/07/2017 09:03

I remember panicking about this with my first and ended up with more than enough - don't forget you may receive a lot of nice onesies/sleepsuits given as gifts as it's the easiest and most wanted gift afterall. I'd buy a couple of cheapy multipacks (0-3 months, not newborn) - about 10 sleepsuits and then if desparate buy more (Boots, Tesco, Asda/George). So long as you have a washing machine & tumble drier (in this weather even better - can wash then dry outside) then you'd have to be having a pretty bad day to get through all 10! This maybe me talking after experience (and 2nd time around I won't be half as fussy!!) but if there's a teeny bit of milk on babys shoulder - wipe it off, don't change and create more work for yourself.

This is a starting point, if you have a sick-up baby and found you've done nothing all week but wash then buy more. You probably will after time anyway as there as some poos that NO about of Vanish can get out! Grin

And you're right, outfits are very cute but a faff, save them for outings/visits.

arbrighton · 06/07/2017 10:54

I bought loads of 0-3 ready but hardly any newborn and even my 'big' baby, born at 8lb9 has needed newborn for the first 2 weeks (sorry can't see the future to know beyond that!)

And so we had to send my mum for more on the way to her first visit with us.

He's not especially sicky but does have a good line in peeing (and the rest) during nappy changes... We have got through 3 sets on some days but at the moment, with the weather and him being warm like DH, he's only in sleepsuits not vests as well.

OhTheRoses · 06/07/2017 10:57

The ones that lasted for the second baby all had patterns Grin

mistletoeprickles · 06/07/2017 11:02

I am also sticking to sleep suits mostly because there comfy and easy to wash and dry.
My last baby was 8lb 9 and she was in new born to start with.
We have got 10 sleep suits and vests in newborn and 15 in 0-3. We do have a drier though so we can turn over clothes pretty quickly.
I decided I wasn't buying anymore because people do buy a lot of outfits as gifts.
I do have some short sleeved/short legged grow too but baby will be born in the next few weeks so we have them in case it's still warm.

Bobbiepin · 08/07/2017 07:30

If the weather is cooler (baby is due in late October) do you need a vest and a sleepsuit? We've bought some sleepsuits with long sleeves but not many vests.

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