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Weight gain

22 replies

Rayraybt2006 · 03/07/2017 22:04

Hi all

Being nosey so feel free to decline if you feel it's not appropriate but just wondering about weight gain in pregnancy. Currently 17+3 and despite showing quite obviously I've not gained any weight yet. I'm still pre pregnancy weight. I think I've become paranoid about it although it hasn't affected my eating habits and still eating loads( I had 3 brownies for dessert tonight).
Anyways my question is at what point do mothers to be start gaining weight in pregnancy and what's the healthy recommended gain over 40 weeks.

OP posts:
reetgood · 03/07/2017 22:24

I think it's different for everyone as to when, and a number of factors including your starting weight will affect how much you gain. Most women put in between 17.5 to 30lb, and most after 20 weeks. I am now 13 weeks (and 4d :) ). When I conceived I was following a slow carb, low sugar eating plan and was down 6lb. In first trimester I got really picky, slightly nauseous and so just ate what appealed. I have put it all back on! So I've gained 6lb so far. I don't appear to be showing that much, what I do appears is probably bloating. My boobs have gone up a cup size so that's where one of the lbs is. I started out at around 23 bmi and a size 12, I'm definitely more comfortable in size 14 trousers right now.

RoseVase2010 · 03/07/2017 22:30

I'm 20 weeks and I've gained 3kg from my initial visit, MW wasn't concerned as my BMI had risen out of the underweight range by 16 weeks. I'm eating tonnes and for the amount I'm eating I'd expect to be far heavier but I'm about at my normal post winter comfort eating weight!

inspiredbutohsotired · 03/07/2017 22:34

I'm gonna be brave and say I've gained more than I hoped - a combination of starting to detest most things from my previously healthy diet, and not exercising enough due to lots of nausea early on. I feel great and people keep telling me I 'look really well' and I feel happy.
Currently 36 weeks and have gained about 2.5 stone - feels like loads but most of my pre-pregnancy clothes still fit and all the weight gain seems to be on my stomach. I know I'll be back to normal by Christmas and I feel like I've done the best I can - if you gain barely any or loads it doesn't matter as long as you're doing your best for yourself and your baby! Try not to stress about it Smile

tuxedocat · 03/07/2017 22:46

OP - I'm similar to you. 17+5 and when I weighed myself (don't have scales at home) I was the same as pre pregnancy which is about 7 1/2 stone (I'm Petite) I was expecting to put on something more substantial but I think realistically maybe 3lbs roughly... but then again I've been quite active with regular gym routines and even though I havent restricted myself too much, I've tried to be healthy as possible where I can.
Do you have a fast metabolism perhaps? I think a majority (if eating habits don't change) would probably put weight on once baby starts getting bigger, so perhaps 20ish weeks onwards?

Sasmac2017 · 04/07/2017 03:11

Hey Rayray,
I am currently 33+2 with DC2. I have gained 15kg to date (about 30 lbs). I exercise 6x a week, eat really well etc. my first son I gained a whopping 40kg (85 lbs). But I lost it all by 5mth pp. I think if we are being healthy it's ok. I started out at 5.7" and 135 lbs, I don't think my gain is excessive. And we all need a few fat stores, it's ok!! I know it's hard as I've battled it the whole way through. Am now thinking 'meh.....I'm healthy and so is bubs :)'

anchor9 · 04/07/2017 03:45

i was +10kg two weeks after birth, now, 10 weeks on, i am back to booking weight. haven't done anything whatsoever i think i have my champion EBF to thank

NiceCuppaTeaAndASitDown · 04/07/2017 05:25

20 weeks and I've gained a stone. I've managed to go from a DD to a G so I know exactly where most of it's gone!
I'm frustrated as I feel like it's a lot of weight compared to other people I know, but my face/thighs look exactly the same, it's all gone on boobs and bump.

I'm definitely not exercising enough as my arches have dropped and my feet and hips are incredibly painful, plus I'm eating what and when I feel like.
I hope it's not too hard to lose it in November and that I don't gain too much more before then

bakingmad83 · 04/07/2017 05:58

I'm 20+5 and only just starting to put weight on, though I've got a pretty big bump already. I was the same with DS though, only gained 12lb the whole pregnancy, but he was born a healthy 7lb 14oz at 40 weeks. I ate well, but probs no more than usual, and kept up with my usual activity levels. We're all different :)

Rayraybt2006 · 04/07/2017 14:54

Thank you all for your honest responses. Definitely aware that a healthy baby is the most important thing butt as I said just curious about where other mums to be are at. I did a calculator online and it told me I shouldn't gain more than 1st 1lb based on ore baby weight and height. ( I'm 5'2 and 9st 1lb) I think for my own sanity I might just try and eat well and steer clear of the scales πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

OP posts:
rugratowner · 04/07/2017 15:50

Not to scare you, but until I was 20 weeks I didn't gain any weight, I lost a little.

Then after that I put on 1+kg per week! I was 25kg heavier at 40 weeks. However so much of it was fluid, I lost a huge amount in the first 4 weeks.

confusedat23 · 04/07/2017 15:57

I am almost 24 weeks and I have put on about 15lbs... I am now panicking as you are meant to put on alot more weight in the 3rd Trimester and I just know I am going to be a Whale! My student Midwife reassures me by saing she put on 5 stone with her first!

mummabubs · 04/07/2017 17:08

@inspiredbutohsotired Just wanted to say thanks for your response- I'm 26+3 and have put on over 1.5 stone so far, which feels much more than other pregnant ladies I know and my bump is huge! However I was a size 10 pre-pregnancy and also feel that my weight gain has all been bump/boobs. I'm hoping to shed the weight afterwards but like yourself I went off 99% of healthy food in the first trimester and also had bad sickness so no exercising for me either! πŸ™ˆ

Rayna37 · 04/07/2017 17:35

Ray ray that calculator sounds dodgy. I'm similar to you 5'3" and started at 8st 12lbs. For a normal BMI (not underweight or overweight) like this I think it's generally expected you'll put on 25-35lbs. Currently I'm 26+4 and have put on 17lbs, and think I'll likely gain about 1 lb per week from now, very roughly.

filou87 · 04/07/2017 20:03

Hi everyone,

I am 15 weeks with my first baby.

I am 5.7 1/2 tall and pre-pregnancy I was between 11.12 and 12 stone, size 10 top and 14 bottom, with muscly legs from running (and thigh chub!)

I am now 12 stone 9 lbs so have gained 9-11 lbs already which feels okay, it seems to have all gone to my now big breasts and bump/bloat. I am not really concerned as in the few days before my period I always "gain" 4-5lbs which goes 2 days after end of period, so I feel like some of the weight I've gained must be my womb lining.

I must admit though I do find it hard watching the scales going up gradually, especially as I had an eating disorder as a teenager, but I'm trying to embrace the scales because I actually love my body in pregnancy and having a good cleavage!

Hope you're all feeling well :)

MotherofKitties · 04/07/2017 20:08

36 weeks and gained 2 stone; all bump and boobs though, so don't feel as heavy as that sounds! xx

Mandraki · 05/07/2017 07:24

I'm 27 weeks and have gained 16lbs so far. Don't know if that's normal or more/less than I should but I feel like there is defo more to come! Think I have been lucky in that I haven't had any immense hunger, just regular amounts of hunger and sometimes I'm too tired to eat (which isn't good) but that might be why.

Lolabee · 05/07/2017 07:46

I'm having a REALLY tough time with this. It's a personal hang up going back to first child where I went from a size 10 to size 18. Took me ages to shift it back to a size 12 though, then I had anxiety a couple of year ago and then ballooned up to a 16 again. Was really disappointed in myself. Worked hard for a year and in March had got down to a 12 again just before finding out about baby. I'm putting on half a lb a week on average so far, a lot of which is in the boobs department. I hate seeing the weight go back on even though I know it's not bad compared to dd pregnancy. I'm keeping up with my weekly exercise class the last 6 weeks now I feel better and I think k I'm going to attempt swimming too.
A healthy weight gain will be different for every woman dependant on their metabolism. I wouldn't worry too much if me doesn't even though it can be hard to if you see what I mean

Foggymist · 05/07/2017 17:47

I'm almost 21 weeks, discovered on Monday at hospital appt that I've put on a little over a stone. I was 10ish stone (2-4lbs above) and am now 11.5 stone, I'm 5ft 8. Bizarrely I don't look big, my boobs are slightly bigger, I have a small additional belly and my legs are slightly bigger, but most people don't even know/notice I'm pregnant so it seems mad to me that I've put on nearly 1.5 stone! I put on 3 stone with ds, but over a stone of that was fluid from pre eclampsia swelling. I was 5lbs above pre pregnancy weight when he was 10 weeks old.

crisscrosscranky · 05/07/2017 18:05

I was 9 stone pre-pregnancy and was 10 stone 7lbs at 37 weeks (am now 39 and don't want to know!) so 17lbs to 37 weeks. I'm all baby and water though - this baby hasn't liked chocolate or takeaways so with the loss of alochol too I've effectively been on a health kick for 8 months - I'd probably be 8 stone if I wasn't pregnant!

Thissameearth · 05/07/2017 18:27

I'm almost 26 weeks with my first and have put on just under 5kg from my booking appt weight (67kg) at week 10 ish. I'm 5ft 6 and about size 10/12 normally. I think first 16 weeks although my boobs were getting huge I was feeling really sick and although when I ate it was junk, it still wasn't a lot I was eating so it probably kept my weight at the usual until Wk 17 onwards. bump had got bigger (and boobs have stabilised thankfully). I have no idea if this is "normal" or not BUT my midwife was happy with my booking weight and hasn't mentioned anything since and 12 week and 20 wk scans showed baby at normal size so must be fine! I don't feel or think I look fat. I don't go to the gym - just walking.

peachgreen · 05/07/2017 22:03

I'm 11+2 and I've lost 10lbs, mostly through puking I think as I'm eating more than usual! I was overweight to begin with though so the plan is to maintain my pre-pregnancy weight if possible, so I'm happy to be losing a bit now!

tralaaa · 06/07/2017 06:27

I'm heavier that all of you and not pregnant of the SW I go !

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