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38 weeks and miserable

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Fwaltz · 03/07/2017 15:12

I know I shouldn't complain, but I am soooo done over being pregnant. I've been incredibly lucky as my baby has been heathy and happy all the way through, but i have been struck with a range of unpleasant ailments that I just don't have patience for anymore:
Gestational diabetes
SPD - getting worse by the day
Carpal tunnel - agony
Ante-natal depression from 10 weeks
Swollen feet, ankles and hands

I can't get comfortable to sleep, I've got no motivation to do anything more to prepare for her arrival, and I just feel like a blimp.

Anyone else feeling like this, or am I just having a pity party?!

OP posts:
Bluebellwoods123 · 03/07/2017 15:31

No you're not the only one and pregnancy, even straight forward healthy ones, are hard work. Having everything absolutely ready for the baby not important in my view, just do your best to rest so you feel better. I've found going to bed a little bit earlier has helped so the hip pain, restless legs and acid reflux hasn't had chance to start before I've fallen asleep.

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