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Can dehydration hurt the baby?

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Ttc321 · 02/07/2017 17:21

Hi all
A week or so ago I went to the doctors with dizziness.. I found out that I was dehydrated and blood pressure was low.. she tested my urine and found 3+ ketones in it.. she referred me to the EPAU but when I got out of the docs I rang them myself directly, so after ringing them and asking what they were going to do, I could do at home, they were going to give me anti sickness tablets and get me to drink lots of fluids to rehydrate, but at this point my morning sickness had gone so I could drink lots of water at home, so I decided to stay at home and drank over 10 pints of water.. and some glasses of orange juices and started to feel better. But I haven't been able to tell if I affected my baby at all from the dehydration.. or if the baby is okay? They didn't offer me a scan. I'm worried that I could have harmed the baby.. is this possible?

OP posts:
Thingymaboob · 02/07/2017 18:11

Are you still suffering?
Many of us hyperemesis ladies get dehydrated and need hospital admission.
I would recommend you do some reading around dehydration in pregnancy.
You can get a lot of information from the pregnancy sickness support charity regarding dehydration.
I don't know how severe your case was but dehydration is harmful to baby, which is why women take drugs and have to go in for fluid, although it's highly variable and there are many other factors involved.
There is a great forum on the website and the wonderful volunteers will be able to answer your questions and point you in the right direction with regard to questions about dehydration.

BertrandRussell · 02/07/2017 18:18

That was an awful lot of fluid to take in! Shock

If there was any concern about the baby they would have wanted you in, I am sure.

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