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Anyone experienced PUL? HCG levels rising

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daisyfrau · 01/07/2017 20:01

Hi guys,

Not sure if I'm posting in the right place.

I was just wondering if anyone has had experience of Pregnancy of Unknown Location and if you have any insight for me?

I have a 2 year old and hubby and I have been trying to conceive #2 for 10 months. I was part of a wave of mums who gave birth to #1 at the same time and most of the other mums started TTC #2 at the same time as us and got pregnant. 6 babies born last month!! Although it's been hard seeing all these babies arrive just when we'd hoped our number 2 would too my heart was lifted a week ago when I finally got a BFP. After 27 negative ones in the past year!!!! Unfortunately 2 days later started spotting pink which was worrying and then next day was bleeding. My GP ordered an HCG and another one 48h later. The first was 400 the second was 410. In the meantime the bleeding had intensified so much I bled through my clothes 3 times. The day before the second HCG I passed something that looked like a thin strip of membrane. Told my GP. Bleeding has now lightened to heavy day of a period.

So definitely a miscarriage but because HCG was static I was asked to go the EPU because they were concerned there may be an ectopic. Had a scan and it showed womb empty, lining thin, and no signs of an ectopic. No signs of retained products either. They said my diagnosis is PUL because although they feel the most likely thing is that I have already passed what was an intrauterine pregnancy, because HCG hadn't dropped it suggested there some pregnancy tissue still around somewhere and they couldn't rule out an ectopic somewhere else. They said I I would need to have another HCG today to see if it maybe starts to drop. I did the blood test this morning and then in the late morning passed something that looks a bit like membrane about 4x bigger than last time but about the size of a £2 coin. Started cramping too which I haven't really had since all this started.

Sounds weird but I still feel like there's still more tissue inside. Don't feel right. Don't feel pregnant but don't feel not pregnant either.

Doctor called to say my HCG has gone up to 515. So not going on the right direction, but that blood was taken before the tissue loss this morning. They have said they are slightly more concerned there's an ectopic or tissue but suggested return on Monday for another HCG. Gave me emergency plan (A&E) if things suddenly worsen. I've been signed off work for another week.

This is all dragging along (only day 6 of bleeding but I'm impatient). I'm hoping HCG will start to drop after what happened today but can I ask if anyone has experienced rising HCGs in miscarriage? How did it turn out?

I just want it all over so we can try again... I can't bear to see all these new babies as it makes me just feel sad for my daughter as I had hoped she could have a sibling closer in age. It makes me think that if we wanted a third we shd start trying earlier, but that's getting ahead of myself as we can't even seem to conceive/hold onto #2.

Thanks for any insight...

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