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Lacking body confidence 2nd trimester

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user1498911016 · 01/07/2017 13:18

Hi, I'm 21 weeks and it's been a difficult first pregnancy. I had all the normal morning sickness but the developed appendicitis at 16 weeks, needed surgery and they found a huge 15cm fibroid that's pressing onto my liver.
I look a lot bigger than 21 weeks I have three scars from surgery that get more red and angry looking as I get bigger.
Basically I can't let my husband touch me I feel revolting. He tells me I'm beautiful but I can't seem to relax. I know I have the surgical scars but really I think it's just my size. I've no idea how big I'll look when I'm nearer to term.
Feel stupid for being so insecure about my size, anyone had total lack of body confidence?? :(

OP posts:
Kittysparks1 · 02/07/2017 17:35

I feel the same. I'm 31 weeks pregnant now and I look in the mirror and am pretty repulsed! I didn't have an amazing figure before but I was comfortable and confident with what I had.
I think it's just the fact that your whole body changes so quickly. My boobs have taken a massive hit, they don't look like mine in the slightest.
In the same boat with my partner, he is so understanding but I can't bring myself to have sexy time when I feel the least sexy I've ever felt.
You are not alone! I'm hoping I'll feel a bit more normal after I've delivered or failing that begin to love my new body.
I'm sorry about your scars. But hopefully we just need time to accept our new bodies. And scars fade so remember that.
Sending hugs x

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