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Recommendations for books for DH to read?

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MonkeyPoozzled76 · 25/06/2017 16:26

I'm after some recommendations for a couple of books for DH covering pregancy, birth and looking after a new detailed as possible.

He won't read anything on the tinterweb as he thinks it's all a load of nonsense and not 'proper', I've given him NCT links, NHS info all sorts and he won't look at any of it, it's driving me mad Hmm. His main interest at the moment seems to be vast amount of pushchair research in the style of compairing new car models and I really need him to learn some stuff about the later stages of pregnancy and birth, he has no clue at all (It transpires he thought an Epidural was an induction amongst other things). We will be doing an NCT course but he needs to have some idea of what's being discussed initially I think, it may also help him stop sniggering about 'boobies' everytime breast feeding is mentioned.

I got him 'Pregnancy for Men' as a joke, it's very light hearted and not very detailed but he thinks that's enough knowledge! Help!

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Hannano1990 · 25/06/2017 16:38

My husband had no clue either and also wouldn't read anything with DS. He just took it all as it came and actually ended up being fantastic and now with this pregnancy he remembers everything from first hand experience. Sometimes books can't actually prepare you for real life.

Sorry I didn't have much to contribute, I just thought I'd share my experience.

Lemondrop99 · 25/06/2017 21:10

We were given this as a joke however I've caught DH reading it a few times. He seems to be enjoying it. It's not hugely detailed but covers all the main points in a blokey way

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