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Baby Monitors

17 replies

user1479669774 · 22/06/2017 19:52


I'm looking into baby monitors and wondered which ones you guys have.

I'm leaning towards a video one but not really sure

Thank you



We've noticed this thread is quite old and some of the product recommendations are a little out of date. We've spent weeks speaking to parents and testing out baby monitors. Read our reviews to see which baby monitor was crowned best of the best.

Hope that helps! Flowers


OP posts:
LookImAHooman · 22/06/2017 22:52

We have the Angelcare 1120 and it's brilliant. Annoyed we can't have another for this baby (can't have two in one range area due to the frequency). It does video, sound and movement, though we never actually used the movement monitor. For us, one of the best features is you can opt for non-continuous sound monitoring - so the sound only kicks in when the baby makes a certain level of noise (choose from four sensitivity levels). We initially had a Motorola sound and video without this feature but the constant white noise from the speaker drove us mad (handy for a spare when we go away or have friends visiting with their little ones, though). Video for us is also a big plus just to see what DS is up to, whether he looks likely to drop off again if he's woken, etc, but I know some people get on fine without it.

GreenGoblin0 · 22/06/2017 23:03

we just had a simple BT sound one. DD2 is 11 weeks and haven't even got it out of box yet as she is always in same room as us at moment

Aibe · 22/06/2017 23:06

Sorry to jump on your post but iv been looking at them too, I want a video one with one of the mats at goes underneath I think. So many to choose from!

P1nkSparkles · 23/06/2017 00:01

Another vote for angelcare here. Ours is brilliant.

minipie · 23/06/2017 00:21

Summer infant video one. Doing well after 2+ years of hard use (incl toddlers playing with it)

Used to have the angelcare sound and movement but never used the movement mat and then it stopped working - so wouldn't rcommend.

For me the useful features are:

  • Video
  • Ability to have more than one transmitter (if you want 2+ kids)
  • Talkback button
  • Good battery life
  • Robust/reliable

Not useful, or useful only briefly:
  • Movement mat
  • Lullabies/light projector (you can easily get something else that does this)

I am on the fence re continuous sound vs sound only kicks in above a certain volume. Yes a continuous slight hiss is a bit annoying. However, it means that (if you are a light sleeper like me) you will get to hear the first slight stirrings from your child and get to them quickly and before they are in full scream mode which IME means they are easier to resettle. Also means you aren't jolted awake with a sudden loud noise but rather are woken more gradually as your child gets louder.
Ginlinessisnexttogodliness · 23/06/2017 08:40

For me , with my newborn babies the main purpose of a monitor is to be assured that they are breathing safely due to risk of SIDS, suffocation etc.
I would always get one with a breathing sensor pad - and like others swear by angelcare monitors for this
Cameras are an added bonus but not essential - anyway but can see why you'd want one

LookImAHooman · 23/06/2017 13:55

There's a continuous slight hiss, then there's the racket this thing made. Worlds apart, seriously. We've got the sensitivity on our Angelcare set quite low so DS is never crying when it kicks in.

Also had him in our room for the first six months as per the recommendations, hence not using the pad by the time we started using one and got to the Angelcare, but in other circs we'd def have used it.

Rodent01 · 23/06/2017 14:01

Cameras come into their own when you have a 1 / 2 year old who you are putting down for a nap and all seems silent but they are actually climbing out of their cots / rolling / crawling around and not even remotely sleeping even though its quiet.........!!!

InDubiousBattle · 23/06/2017 14:38

We have a BT sound only monitor. We've had it about 2 years now and it's still going strong. I suppose it depends on what you're using it for? My dc have had all sleeps in the same room as me up to 6 months so we didn't bother with an Angel care. I needed one with quite a large range as I now need it for when the kids go to bed two floors up.

WonderLime · 23/06/2017 15:28

I just ordered the Angelcare (AC401) movement and sound monitor as I don't think I'll need to camera bit. No idea if it was the right choice yet, but the reviews seemed overwhelmingly good.

Nan0second · 23/06/2017 15:35

No monitor at all here. In my room until 9months (waited until was down to one feed / occasionally sleeping through) - it would have been 6 months if that had happened earlier as per sids guidelines.
After that, in a modern house with thin walls and door not shut = can easily hear baby cry without a monitor.

10storeylovesong · 23/06/2017 17:44

Also following! We had an Angelcare with ds but was advised not to use the movement pad by consultant / midwives (can't remember the reason why now as sleep deprived following 9 weeks in NICU after very early arrival!). I never used it and never missed it. The sound monitor was fine but unfortunately stopped working after about 18 months so in need of a new one.

I'm torn as to whether to invest in a video monitor or whether it's just a marketing ploy and I don't really need it!

minipie · 23/06/2017 20:42

Camera was invaluable during sleep training, periods of illness, when DD was trying to climb out of her cot and is now useful at age 3+ for keeping an eye on preschool playdates when they disappear to bedroom, and to check if DD has illegally turned her light back on after lights out! She is two floors up so camera v useful. I may keep it for when she's a teenager (joking - probably...)

MollyCule · 23/06/2017 20:48

I have the Angelcare AC401 and it's very good, but I kind of wish I had a video one now. Also I didn't use the sensor pad in the end as we used the chicco next to me crib and you can't use it with that I believe. But I never left DD alone to sleep or nap until she was 6 months so didn't use it at all for the first 6 months.

Video one would be handy now that she's a bit older so that I could see if she's standing up for example (if she's standing, she's unlikely to go back to sleep on her own. If she's grouching but still lying down I would leave her. But without video I don't know which it is and if I go in she'll want to me to pick her up). But it's certainly not essential.

DuggeeHugs · 24/06/2017 00:26

We're using a Foscam video monitor with DS (now 22 months) and it's been fine - especially useful since he learned to stand up in his cot. Will be using the same make with DC2 (due next month).

I know a couple of people who started using the sensor mats (can't remember which brand) but then stopped because they weren't always accurate and the false alarms caused them more stress.

Oldschool41 · 24/06/2017 06:06

Hi, I have the Motorola mbp36s. I am currently using it for my granddaughter but I'm due in December... it's awesome it has video, big screen, you can talk to your baby, it plays Lullabies. You can also add up to 4 cameras too. It cost me £96 on eBay Best Buy yet 😀

ElfEars · 24/06/2017 06:53

We have a Motorola video one. We've taken it out of the box once to test it when I was pregnant. DS is 5 months old. You don't really need one at first as baby is always with you.

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