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Unstable lie at 37 weeks

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fluffandsnuff · 22/06/2017 10:45

37 weeks with DC2- DC1 was ELCS due to breech presentation (at 36 weeks, what is it with my children? πŸ˜‚)

Had scan at 35+4weeks, DC was head down. MW appt at 36+4 weeks, baby was breech (confirmed by scan). MW appt yesterday (37+4) and baby was head down- she thinks and another scan tomorrow. Had been wanting VBAC but when DC was breech an ELCS was scheduled for 39+0 weeks.

I stupidly googled last night, and it seems like loads of people get admitted at 37 weeks because of the risk of cord prolapse. Just wondering if anyone out there has had a similar experience and what happened to them. Thanks Smile

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JustMumNowNotMe · 22/06/2017 10:48

Hi I had this with DC3, flipping in and out of breech. ELCS was booked at 39 weeks and was scanned on arrival- breech and CS sould go ahead, head down I'd be induced. Luckily baby was head down so I was induced quickly and all was fine Smile

Was advised that if I went into labour at home, to get on my hands and knees with my bum in the air and call for an ambulance.

fluffandsnuff · 22/06/2017 11:45

Thanks just. Glad you had a good outcome Smile

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