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On my way for a sweep - is it painful?

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BobbleHat42 · 22/06/2017 09:04

Just that really. What should I expect? Does it hurt? Is there a chance they won't do it if things aren't favourable?

37 weeks with twins and on a countdown. Very ready to have these babies, I want my body back! 😉

OP posts:
HumpHumpWhale · 22/06/2017 09:11

It varies. I have had one that was totally fine, I barely felt it. (It was a Friday. The midwife said "there's no way you'll still be pregnant on Monday." I was still pregnant the following Friday.) And one with my second baby that was a little uncomfortable, but nothing major. I do know some people for whom it has hurt, but I wouldn't worry. The only reason they wouldn't do one is if your cervix is still so closed that they can't. That could happen at 37 weeks.

notomatoes · 22/06/2017 09:16

First one - painless. Barely felt a thing. Did nothing.

Second one - not painful exactly but very uncomfortable. Contractions started in the hospital car park on my way home.

Namehunting001 · 22/06/2017 09:17

Uncomfortable not painful - in any case hope it kicks starts labour for you :)

ChilliMum · 22/06/2017 09:19

Uncomfortable. Midwife said wasn't very favourable but would try anyway. I went into labour the next day.
Good luck.

hoopdeloop · 22/06/2017 09:22

I had 5! The final one worked! Not hugely pleasant but I wouldn't say sore

memyselfandaye · 22/06/2017 09:22

It depends, Helga the Stormtrooper did mine, so I jumped off the bed thinking fuck that and opted for an induction the following week.

BridgetDarcy · 22/06/2017 09:25

Had one yesterday - 41 weeks. I thought a smear was worse and they don't bother me too much.

FruitBadger · 22/06/2017 09:32

I had three. They're not painful as such, but they were uncomfortable and there was quite a bit of pressure. No pain afterwards, was only during the procedure. If you imagine how it feels to have what feels like most of someone's hand up your fanjo having a good rummage, then you're about right Grin

Xmasbaby11 · 22/06/2017 09:33

Very very painful for me even after taking paracetamol.

Xmasbaby11 · 22/06/2017 09:35

I was 3cm and midwife touched the head, but I still didn't go into labour for another 14 days!

So it didn't work (I had another one a few days later) but it was worth a try. Pain was awful, on a par with labour but only lasted a few mins. Never bothered my cervical smears but this was something else!

Clickncollect · 22/06/2017 09:37

I had three - uncomfortable but not painful. They didn't work though and I was induced in the end!

Daffydil · 22/06/2017 09:44

More uncomfortable than painful. My first one the MW wouldn't do it as when she prodded with a finger the head bobbed away from her, so there was a danger of cord prolapse.

I had a few (2/3 a week from 37-40 weeks to try and avoid induction). The final one, on my due date, felt completely different. Not painful or uncomfortable at all. And then about 12 hours later out popped a baby!

Good luck!

BobbleHat42 · 22/06/2017 19:30

Quite a mixed bag then! Thank you so much for the comments everyone ❤️ Gave me a something to think about on the way there and kept me entertained too 😁

Unfortunately she couldn't reach my cervix to do it ☹️ I've had problems with smear tests in the past so maybe that's why... or my body is just not ready?

it was really uncomfortable verging on painful at one point and I've had a bit of pink spotting when I wiped earlier so she clearly had a good rummage! Was really disappointed earlier she couldn't manage but I'm over it now. Not long until my induction I suppose!

OP posts:
needsomesunshineandwine · 22/06/2017 19:49

Was uncomfortable, couldn't get it with 2nd, think my cervix was too far back.

fakenamefornow · 22/06/2017 19:55

I thought so, but then can labour...

The midwife came to my house to do mine. I lay on the floor in the living room on top of a towel, legs spread, naked from the waist down while the midwife got to work. Then the bloody window cleaner showed up to do the patio doors!

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