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Who do I contact?

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FlippertyJibbit · 20/06/2017 14:48

This is such a silly question, I should know!

I'm 6 weeks and have been having light brown discharge (quite stringy and grainy) sorry if TMI! For the last couple of days. I've already had what I thought was an implantation bleed a week or so ago so thought I'd be past this point..

I want to contact somebody about it for reassurance but would that be my GP or the midwife? I haven't "booked in" with the midwife yet, that is on the 4th July so didn't know if I could contact her beforehand?

I do already have a DS but didn't experience this with him so just a bit unsure as to who I would need to speak to and don't really fancy discussing it with the receptionist on the phone..

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Orangebird69 · 20/06/2017 14:51

Brown blood is old blood. It's probably just your uterus moving and stretching. I'm inclined to think, this early on, that you'll be told to stay at home and monitor yourself.

FlippertyJibbit · 20/06/2017 14:53

I was wondering if it's best to just wait until I have my booking in appointment anyway, maybe I'll just do that

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Juno2002 · 20/06/2017 14:58

When I started bleeding this early I was told to see GP. But tbh, the GP told me to just wait and see what happened so it might be your best bet!
As above, brown blood is old blood so hopefully it's just baby getting comfy Smile

FlippertyJibbit · 20/06/2017 15:00

I hope so!! I'm honestly trying to be optimistic but you always think the worst don't you, whatever will be, will be I suppose!

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SandysMam · 20/06/2017 15:09

I had this, all turned out fine. As above, brown blood is old blood. If it gets heavier, is bright red and there is cramping, contact your local maternity unit who will be able to advise. Look out for severe pain on either side which could indicate eptopic. Without these however, just try to relax and hope for the best. An early scan in a few weeks may be a good idea so if the worst has happened, you won't have to wait until 12 weeks to find out.
Hope everything works out ok for you OP.

FlippertyJibbit · 20/06/2017 16:04

Thank you Smile I'll just carry on as I am I think and keep an eye on it! I've only got a couple of weeks until my appointment so should be ok but I'll give MU a ring if anything changes.

Thanks all for your replies

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