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Best place for bra fitting

4 replies

MacNcheese87 · 20/06/2017 08:59

Does anyone have any experience with bra fitting? My little girl is a week old now (posting here as I couldn't think where else!) and I didn't bother getting measured whilst pregnant.

I'm looking for a couple of nursing bras. I know mothercare do fittings but are they any good? Is there anywhere better?

Also, do they measure you with a bra on or off? Never been before so not sure what to expect. I'm a bit worried about leakage etc

OP posts:
owltrousers · 20/06/2017 09:49

People always recommend M&S and Debenhams but tbh I've had bad experiences with both of those - trying to sell me the wrong size or bras I was uncomfortable in! How big are you OP? I'm planning to go to bravissimo I think, even though it means taking a train to Cardiff, they are supposed to be very good!

ColourfulOrangex · 20/06/2017 09:50

Bravissimo are the best from my experience

PaperdollCartoon · 20/06/2017 09:54

The only one I'd bother with is Bravissimo. They don't measure you, they just try lots of different ones and assess the fit on you. You can be different sizes in different style bras. The ones where they measure you don't take the shape or fullness of your breasts into account, I wouldn't trust them.

They can leave the room while you change, but I never worry about that. They're just boobs!

HulkJuice · 20/06/2017 09:57

House of Fraser are pretty good.

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