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Maternity Leave

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usernamessuck123 · 19/06/2017 15:57

Not sure whether this is better in Employment or Pregnancy!!

I have notified my employer of my pregnancy in writing, sent of my MATB1 certificate and my intended dates for leave etc....
The 28 days they are meant to reply in has been and gone, and HR are now ignoring my emails!

Has anyone had any experience of this? Do they HAVE to reply in 28 days or is it just a guideline?

Thank you

OP posts:
ZigAZigAhh · 19/06/2017 16:08

Watching with interest as I have just realised I am in the same position - I've notified HR and my manager, handed in my MATB1 certificate and now 2.5 months later I haven't had anything in the way of formal confirmation (whereas they were very prompt with DC1). I will follow up next week when I'm back from hols, hoping it's just due to HR being swamped at the moment.

BringMeTea123 · 19/06/2017 16:15


I work in retail and I don't ever remember getting a formal confirmation of it (was about this time last year -son is now 8 months old).

I thought I would get a confirmation so when I asked my manger if it had been sent she said yes and that it was all sorted. I think when they did my risk assessment after they discussed with me when I wanted to go on mat leave and come back etc....

Could be wrong though. Sorry it's not very helpful

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