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Is there a line

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darrenwis · 08/06/2017 21:21

My fiancée is a week late, just done a test and don't know if there is a faint line? What do people think?

Is there a line
OP posts:
Oysterbabe · 08/06/2017 21:26

I see a line.

AssassinatedBeauty · 08/06/2017 21:27

Yes there's a line.

darrenwis · 08/06/2017 22:07

How accurate are these? Don't know if we are just hoping.

OP posts:
kitkat321 · 08/06/2017 22:09

Yup there is a faint line - congratulations.

Test again first thing tomorrow and it should be clearer

AssassinatedBeauty · 08/06/2017 22:14

If the line came up in the allowed time then it's accurate. A positive is only present because there are pregnancy hormones in the sample. There's no other way of getting a positive line. Some tests are more sensitive than others, so a less sensitive test might still show a negative result at the moment. If you have a second test then maybe use it tomorrow morning as the first morning wee tends to have a higher concentration of hormones.

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