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Sick, vomiting and feeling yuck -36 weeks.

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Turneeps · 08/06/2017 20:32

Feeling crap since last night. Just want to be in bed all day but I have a 13 month old to look after. Husband away Fri - Sun which sucks.
I think this post is just for a moan really (sorry!!).
When do I phone midwife and say I am being sick? Temp only slightly raised.
Just wish I could sleep but so uncomfy.
Arghh - pregnancy is great (so lucky/blessed etc) but totally crap sometimes too!!!

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user1497167242 · 11/06/2017 08:52

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Turneeps · 11/06/2017 09:52

I did not now morning sickness would come back at 36 weeks!! Think it might just be body getting ready for birth?? Will try saltine crackers though, thanks

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KeiraKnightleyActsWithHerTeeth · 11/06/2017 09:54

This is now all of my labours started.

Keep an eye on your temp.

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