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No pregnancy symptoms

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anewsome · 07/06/2017 17:29

Not at all trying to brag just worried. I'm 13w-4d

I have not had any pregnancy symptoms besides for bloat and being tired which has recently tapered off and I'm feeling more energetic. I haven't even had the urge to urinate a lot. Not saying I want to be sick or Pee all the time just worry that I may not feel as attentive to my unborn child as I should be because sometime I forget that I'm pregnant.
I know google may not be the best way to deal with this as I find myself looking for problems and then think I have them, such as baby has stoped growing or no longer pregnant. Which I logically know is unreasonable.

Any words of advise or ways I can feel pregnant? Lol

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AnUtterIdiot · 07/06/2017 18:18

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

anewsome · 07/06/2017 19:30

I have had three @AnUtterIdiot

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LisaSimpsonsbff · 07/06/2017 19:49

My SIL had absolutely no symptoms except a bit of tiredness (and that only in the second trimester). Everyone kept telling her how lucky she was, but actually I don't think it's that enviable: she was beside herself with worry before the 12 week scan because she convinced herself it meant there was no baby. The message of 'morning sickness is a sign of a healthy pregnancy!' is plastered everywhere to make women who get it feel better, but it's quite an upsetting message for women who don't. But it's not very long now until you'll have a bump you can feel (even if it's not that visible to other people). For my SIL that was the point where she began to feel pregnant, since she had no other symptoms, and I think it may well be for you, too.

anewsome · 07/06/2017 23:00

@LisaSimpsonsbff thank you for the answer glad there are others like me Wink and that she felt the as off as I do for not having symptoms. Hopefully soon the bump will show up.

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