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Awful ulcer!

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user1496711240 · 06/06/2017 02:15

Hi guys not sure if I've put this in the right category and not sure if anyone online at this time but... As a result (I think!) of a mixture of vomiting and feeling too nauseas to properly clean my back teeth I've developed a huge ulcer hole on my cheek at the back of my mouth which I think is infected and causing me awful toothache. Laying awake in agony haven't been able to eat properly or drink from bottles only glasses! Been gargling salt water but it's just not shifting, any ideas of what to do? 13 weeks and 3 days pregnant. Thanks ☺️ X

OP posts:
wtffgs · 06/06/2017 02:21

Oh you poor love! Please see your GP asap.

Itsjustaphase84 · 06/06/2017 08:20

I had this and it took weeks to heal. I didn't op go to the doc as I had them before but it was very painful. I'd go doctor and in the meantime gargle with cooled boiled saltwater if you can.

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