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Strep B Positive-experiences on what this means for labour?

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NotAnotherUserName5 · 05/06/2017 16:24

I've just found out I'm Strep B positive. I'm 38 weeks pregnant,

I have had three fast labours(shortest from first sign 40 mins), so antibiotics in labour might not work for me.

Anyone had experience of being strep B positive?

OP posts:
weloveearlysleeptime · 05/06/2017 16:28

No but watching with interest as my test also came back positive. Spoke to midwife who said if they cant get antibiotics in on time for labour the paed team will observe baby closely for next 24 hrs.

Timeforbedithink · 05/06/2017 16:33

I was, and my labours are also fast. We didn't have time for antibiotics - I arrived at hospital, was examined and was straight into pushing - they kept us in just to keep an eye on the baby for a bit but all was absolutely fine. In our case it was really not an issue. I was, however, a bit lucky, as the only reason we went to hospital was because of the group B step. Waters brik

Timeforbedithink · 05/06/2017 16:34

Waters broke but no contractions but they said to come in to check...and it all rammed up on the way in to the hospital.

mummysmellsofsick · 05/06/2017 16:43

Controversial decision but I refused the ABs after researching risk for a healthy full term baby and my baby was completely fine after a normal uncomplicated home birth.

NotAnotherUserName5 · 05/06/2017 17:00

Thanks for sharing your experiences.

weloveearlysleeptime-that's what I've been told too. A stay in hospital looks likely if all goes fast. Better safe than sorry.

I've also been told I am consultant led now-I am guessing this writes off my chances of using the (nicer) birth centre?

Also, anyone know if they'll still let me go overdue? I've been overdue with all three of mine. Just wondering if gbs comes with increased risks if you do.

OP posts:
Stilllivinginazoo · 05/06/2017 17:04

I went over due with 2.of mine with strep concerns by staff over that.had antibiotics in labour.I'd wanted home birth but as allergic penicillin it was denied.babies checked and we went home within 3+4 end up c sect so they weren't considered an issue.
Good luck!!

mummysmellsofsick · 05/06/2017 17:52

Oh and I was +11 overdue. I just went ahead with the home birth. Had private midwife who supported my decision

Onceuponatime21 · 05/06/2017 18:28

I have slow labours. Strep B was discovered during labour. They gave me antibiotics and an epidural to slow down my labour even more. And I'm allergic to penicillin, so had to take something that needed something ridiculous like 12 hours between doses. So was a lot of lying around ! But Dd was born safe and well, so no complaints.

cantdothisagain2017 · 05/06/2017 18:48

I had a stressful experience with my daughter. Test was positive for strep b and then at 28 weeks I went to hospital as felt odd and wa stood my waters had broken. Had a scan the following day and they said it must have been a mistake as fluid level was actually ok. Sent home the following day.
Had a caesarean 10 weeks later and they found the membranes were ragged and concluded my waters had broken and re sealed but dd was then unwell had to be on antibiotics

PotteringAlong · 05/06/2017 18:51

I tested positive with all 3 of mine and all 3 were born at 42 weeks! (1 and 3 were induced, 2 came naturally the day I was booked into be induced). I had antibiotics in labour with 1 and 2 but not 3 as it was too fast. 1 and 2 babies also needed 48 hours of antibiotics (1st showed signs of infection, 2nd was preventative due to early breaking of waters) but 3 was born in his membranes so they decided he didn't need them.

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