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Taken off Sertraline - struggling

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ladybuglou · 01/06/2017 13:16

Hi everyone I am 6 weeks and my GO took my off Sertraline because there's a risk in first trimester? Anyways I am struggling without It, feeling very low and ready and anxious. Trying to power through it and have been using my lights but wondered if anyone else had been through this and had any tips they could share?

Thanks so much

OP posts:
arbrighton · 01/06/2017 14:32

Ask your GP again. Ask them or midwife for a referral to perinatal MH services.

Yes, there are some associations between taking it and issues with babies. However, the chance of these are small, but there are also risks with poor maternal mental health. There have been many women who'll have taken it throughout pregnancy.

I was told I could have kept taking it by consultant having weaned myself off after talking to GP (and so I was taking it the whole first trimester since I didn't go cold turkey). On balance, my MH is the best it's been in a long time for the past 30 weeks while I've known about being pregnant- my mum and friends are all pleasantly surprised by how well I have coped. I had a bit of a wobble in the last couple of weeks but I am tired, anxious about birth, since I can't control it and still functioning so, for now, not going back on.

I can't see that I won't need them at some point again in my life, especially with the post natal hormone whirlwind and sleep deprivation.

Courtneybrown · 03/06/2017 19:14

Ask for a second opinion hun I've been on sertraline through out all 3 of my pregnancys and no problems I didn't think they could just take you off then like that my Dr said it would do more harm than good !!

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