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Perksofsociety · 30/05/2017 21:24

Sorry I'm new to all this.
I had a misscarage on the 16.5.17 I was 5 +4 days and me and my partner had sex 3-4 days later.
I didn't get told off the midwife that I should wait till my cycle comes back like I've read on here from many of you other wonderful people.

I was just wondering is it possible to fall pregnant straight away?
With my last pregnancy before this misscarage I got really bad heart burn and sickness early weeks of the pregnancy and that's what's happeneing again? Is it even possible? Someone help!! Hah

Any advice or information would be helpful😊

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KatharinaRosalie · 30/05/2017 21:27

Yes, totally possible. Happened to me as well and that pregnancy was totally fine.

Perksofsociety · 30/05/2017 21:33

I thought I was going crazy haha I've read loads and loads of other people's messages on here saying that they waited for there cycle to come back and wait till the bleeding stoped to try again my bleeding stopped as soon as the sac came away! 😂
Anyways thank you for the help 😊

OP posts:
biffyboom · 30/05/2017 21:38

My son was conceived this way Smile

lazycrazyhazy · 31/05/2017 01:41

Happened to me too, not ideal but it happens.

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