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Blood disorders in pregnancy

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ames · 08/07/2004 18:24

Haven't posted or ages so hi to everyone old and new! Hoping you can help me out with thi one.
My frien has just had a phone call from her miife to say there is a problem with her blood tests. She is about 11 weeks pg. After her first baby se had to have a blood transfusion and this has apparantly caused a problem with 'anti-K'? She only knows that she will need to be monitered monthly and have to carry a card and also that a home birth is out of the question. She is very worried and her midwife isn't coming to see her till Thursday, can any one shed any light on this in the meantime? She is also very feeling very poorly during this pregnancy and wonders if this has anything to do with it.

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gingernut · 08/07/2004 21:45

Ames, I think this thread is about the same thing. My original link doesn't work any more so here is another. HTH.

ames · 09/07/2004 11:49

Thanks Gingernut. Have passed the info on, and she is feeling quite a lot happier about it now. Much appreciated.

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