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In Bra Limbo

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CatRash · 22/05/2017 13:40

I'm 30+4 today.

I started off big (32GG pre-pregnancy) and have been living exclusively in my bigger bras (34GG) since around 8-10 weeks which luckily I'd kept from when I was a little chubbier just in case.

However now the wire in these bras is starting to dig in and rub a bit and I've found myself in bra limbo!!

Do I go get measured and get new bras now....or wait until baby has arrived?? Bras that go up to my size are sodding expensive and therefore I don't want to pay out twice!!! But on the other hand I'm not sure I can cope like this for another 10-12 weeks!

I'm a FTM so not entirely sure when boob size peaks - I'm assuming post-birth when the milk comes in???

Any larger breasted ladies found any cheaper alternatives rather than expensive nursing bras. I was wondering whether non-wired crop top types would give enough support??


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arbrighton · 22/05/2017 13:42

Hate to break it to you but my cup size has changed 3 times during the first half of pregnancy, never mind after birth and milk coming in.

Your rib cage is going to expand as baby grows as well.

However, I was a B cup to start with. DD now at 34 weeks (and has been that way since about midway)

RubertRoo · 22/05/2017 14:23

I have gone from a 30E to now being a 34F at 22 weeks pregnant. I was 34E at about 16 weeks but have now outgrown those already.

I would never usually do this, but I bought a couple from eBay as I thought most women are in the same position buying these bras which cost loads for the sake of a couple of weeks before they are outgrown.

Otherwise, I have just purchase the M & S non-wired padded bras for comfort - I'm not buying nursing ones yet because I will probably be a different size by the time I am feeding and I can't see them lasting that long.

I also found loads of non wired padded ones in Debenhams in the sale.
Although now I am getting bigger - Marks and Spencers no longer stock sizes big enough so it looks like I'll have to buy more expensives ones too - Debenhams do stock them up to H cup with small backs?

dinosaurkisses · 22/05/2017 14:28

Primary have started selling a maternity underwear section- I bought a two pack of bras at 14 weeks and they're ok. I think they were only €14 so very pocket friendly.

They're my first experience of maternity bras and they're fine- like a PP I didn't want to spend mega bucks on bras when I'm likely to change size, and these have done rightly so far!

mummabubs · 22/05/2017 14:55

Try Freya bras? They're not too extortionate and do non-wired bras in larger sizes? (I was a 32F before pregnancy and could stand underwires bras from 8 weeks onwards!) I know they stock them in Debenhams and John Lewis if that helps? X

thisismee · 22/05/2017 17:15

I can really recommend marks and spencer nursing bras. They are S/M/L/XL. Two in a pack.
I'm 29+5 second pregnancy, (GG cup size) I used them from same time in my first pregnancy and they lasted well with me breastfeeding too . Very comfortable and stretchy but good support.

dinosaurkisses · 22/05/2017 18:49

Argh I meant Primark obviously!

FlapAttack88 · 23/05/2017 00:14

Another vote for the marks and sparks nusing bras in the 2 pack in the sizes s m l or xl etc. About 30 pounds for 2. I wore them from my first pregnancy. .. all the way through breastfeeding and now into this 2nd pregnancy which is 3 years after the lat one haha. They're amazing

Avoid wire bras.. is better not to have them when pregnant I think I was told when had my fittings

Eeeeek2 · 23/05/2017 09:57

Get non wired bras now, get to a proper bra shop and get measured correctly i.e. avoid marks and Spenser like the plague!

Ask if you're on the edge of cup size if so I'd go for the one up if you can get away with it for now to allow for some expansion. Get non wired if you can as this will give you more wiggles room for being in the wrong size for a bit, you don't want wires digging in! Nursing bras are built more firmly so you should be able to get away without wires.

CatRash · 23/05/2017 22:24

Thanks for the recommendations - looks like I'm going to have to physically go shopping - ugh!!! Bra shopping is the worst!

Might have to wait for this heatwave to pass first though!!

Had a quick look while in Tesco last night and they do some bras up to a G cup which I thought was quite impressive for a supermarket!!

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