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Worried might be in early labour

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Jenna234 · 22/05/2017 06:12

So earlier today I woke up from a nap and had white watery discharge running down my leg.
It hurt right inside my Mary to bend over even a little.
I then had strong pelvic pain that felt like it was in my upper thighs but was actually right in my Mary on both sides.
Tried going to bed twice but kept cramping up and had awful back pain.
Went to the loo and I've had average 💩's over the past few days but this particular one was runny.
My backs still killing and still getting strong braxton hicks that take my breath away but they don't hurt..just very uncomfortable.
My belly feels very heavy and I'm every uncomfortable down there.
Another thing is that I'm leaking from both boobs usually it's only one but this time it's been both. I don't want to worry but I am and not sure if I should be?
Any advice will be massively appreciated!!

OP posts:
Jenna234 · 22/05/2017 06:13

I'm 35 weeks pregnant

OP posts:
AliCat36 · 22/05/2017 06:16

I think you should ring the midwife/maternity unit. They're the experts to give you advice.

SummerRayne17 · 22/05/2017 12:55

Hi Jenna. Did you call the maternity unit? How are you now?

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