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Travel at 31 weeks

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lydiangel83 · 21/05/2017 07:48

Hi all some travel advice please!

We have a family wedding on 9th September in Italy and my due date is 1st November. If I take EDD as 30 weeks this would make me 31 weeks when I fly.

Any thoughts/ experience on this? (We are based in UK). First time pregnancy so not sure what to expect!

Many thanks in advance!

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Thingymaboob · 21/05/2017 07:52

Speak to your midwife and airline. As you probably look quite pregnant, the airline might want to know you're fit to fly.

eurochick · 21/05/2017 08:06

Most airlines want a medical letter after 28 weeks so you will need to sort this. Make sure you have travel insurance in place.

I flew to France at 28 weeks and it was fine. I wouldn't have liked to do long haul at that point but short flights were fine.

bellamcpoopants · 21/05/2017 08:22

I have flown at that stage, and will fly to France at 33 weeks this time. You will need a fit to fly note from your dr. Also make sure your travel insurance covers you. I would also advise taking your notes, and during the flight stay hydrated and try to keep your legs active and wear flight socks. But above all enjoy!

KellyMarieTunstall2 · 21/05/2017 08:22

You will need a fit to flt letter for the airline, which will cost around £25 for your gp to sign. Just check with your airline directly.

I flew home from hols at 31 weeks, I had my letter and preg notes, and I wasn't asked to show anything!

ememem84 · 21/05/2017 08:32

Check the airlines policy as some differ re the timing of needing fit to fly letters. That said I'd get one anyway.

AHedgehogCanNeverBeBuggered · 21/05/2017 10:00

Take a print-out of a fit-to-fly letter with your details filled in and space for your midwife to sign it to your nearest appt pre-travel. Google it to get the wording. Then you won't have to pay as long as it's part of a normal appt.

Tesco travel insurance covers uncomplicated pregnancy as standard, but make sure you get the fit-to-fly letter so your insurance will be valid. I'm flying lots this pregnancy, last flight at 33+6 (day before the cut off!).

lydiangel83 · 21/05/2017 11:29

Thanks all! As long as I have letter and insurance I'll be good to go hopefully, I'm guessing it won't be the most comfortable journey ever but I'll get over that!

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