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Don't feel supported

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mummyrich1988 · 17/05/2017 21:27

I'm 29 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby I've had a really stressful pregnancy so far anyway and my partner is giving me no support at all he works which I'm greatful for but I have 2 other children I look after aswell as my house and he makes me feel so guilty if I ask him for help from time to time like tells me how tired he is and how his back hurts also etc even as little as can u please wash up, I've got SPD and such a bad back right now and I just feel I can't take much more I already take anti depressants for anxiety as it is ive spoke to him over and over and he just won't take it in he really doesn't understand how I feel I don't think😢

OP posts:
justyourstandardusername · 17/05/2017 21:47

Sorry you're not getting the support you need right now. Flowers

Sounds simple OP but have you tried sitting down and speaking to him? Keep it calm and instead of telling him what he's not doing tell him what you need. i.e instead of 'You're not helping me with the dishes' try 'I know you've had a hard day but I'd really appreciate some help with the dishes' sounds patronising but if you start accusing it may get his back up.

If that doesn't work maybe asking a third party to have a quiet word such as your mum or a close friend.

Jessiecat27 · 17/05/2017 22:12

Start leaving the chores, I have to do it sometimes with my oh because I don't think he gets how exhausting and hard it can be sometimes! He soon realises and starts cleaning up!

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