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Babybond scan

8 replies

ColourfulOrangex · 17/05/2017 05:07

Hi I know this isn't a big issue but I had a babybond scan yesterday the 4D one...

During the scan DD was about as stubborn as they come and wouldn't really move away from the placenta, we tried jogging, rolling on my side, fizzy drink and chocolate etc but still didn't get many pictures or videos

Because I paid the higher amount for the scan it said in the booking that "Your choice of one free rescan is included if your baby’s position is not favourable on the day"

I didn't realise how few and poor quality the images and videos were until I had got home as they were put on a USB stick so didn't have chance to look until I had my laptop (I would say there is about 3 pictures that are nice but no videos - there was only 2 managed)

Do you think I could ring them up today, explain this and get the free rescan or do you think it would've needed to be mentioned while I was still there? I have no problem having to pay for another USB but don't really want to fork out lots again

Thank you

OP posts:
ColourfulOrangex · 17/05/2017 05:12

I should add I am extremely bad at complaining or voicing problems Confused so dreading if I should ring up in a way lol

OP posts:
Kathryn160417 · 17/05/2017 05:46

I had that scan when I was pregnant and my understanding is thw free rescan is only for when you have the early gender scan and if during that they cant tell the gender due to the babies position. I might be wrong though but its still worth ringing

Maggy74653 · 17/05/2017 05:55

I've had the 4D scan with babybond and you do get a free rescan if the pictures aren't good. I'd ring and ask for one, when I went for mine we got quite a few pictures and video clips and I was still offered a rescan because they could have been better. They aren't going to mind at all if you call and ask for a rescan, mine even told me if I changed my mind when I got home that I could call and book a rescan.

ColourfulOrangex · 17/05/2017 09:14

Thank you :) I've just rung them and the manager said that she will look into the pictures and see if I am eligible for a re scan

OP posts:
user1480264544 · 17/05/2017 09:22

ahh such a Shame! I hope you do get another go! Just out of curiosity how far gone are you? I'm almost 30 weeks and I'm seriously considering one would you say it's worth it xx

ColourfulOrangex · 17/05/2017 09:56

I'm 31 weeks today, I think it's worth it, was just my daughter who was too stubborn lol I did enjoy seeing her just she wasn't in the best position and refused to move

OP posts:
ColourfulOrangex · 17/05/2017 10:51

They just called me back I'm not eligible for one as there was 4 images they classed as good ones :(

OP posts:
Maggy74653 · 18/05/2017 10:14

That's rubbish! I had more than 4 good images and they still offered it to me Sad

I've been very impressed with them up until now.

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