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Midwife appt - confused and upset

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AgentCooper · 16/05/2017 18:20

I'm 18 weeks pg with my first and just back from my second midwife appointment. I saw a different midwife to my first appointment.

The first midwife was great but I wasn't at all happy with this one. She looked at my test results on the computer and said 'oh, human parovirus B19, what's that? It says detected, previous exposure, did you write in your notes that you'd had that?' I've never heard of this and I say I wrote that I'd had human papilloma virus detected after a colposcopy about 10 years ago. She says 'oh that'll be it then. But why does it still say detected?'

There's a student in with us who says no, human parovirus is slapped cheek syndrome. The midwife then googles this and sees the student is correct. Midwife says 'I'm none the wiser about this' and goes off to find the first midwife who took my bloods back in March but can't find her.

The student says that it says I have antibodies for this virus which just means i've been exposed at some point and that there's no diagnostic tests for slapped cheek anyway. Midwife chimes in with 'probably nothing to worry about.' By this point I'm crying (jetlagged, exhausted, very stressed as we're moving house).

Midwife asks me if I have any questions, I say when should I state where I'd like to give birth, as the other midwife told me to think about it for my next appointment? This midwife looks blank and says you're already booked in at hospital X.

She also said my urine was positive for leukocytes and asked if I had an infection. I said not to my knowledge. I know I should have asked if I needed to act on this, see my GP etc, but by this time I was really upset.

Sorry for the rant but does anyone have knowledge of antibodies for slapped cheek being detected or leukocytes in urine?

OP posts:
picklemepopcorn · 16/05/2017 18:29

Sorry, no knowledge to help. Slap cheek is common, and if the test says you've had it already then that is one see thing to worry about, I think.

She sounds like she didn't know what she was doing. Try not to worry, if there was a problem it would have been picked up. You can do the 'where will I give birth' stuff at a later appointment. Nothing is set in stone.

AgentCooper · 16/05/2017 18:36

Thanks pickle, I wish she had told me those things!

OP posts:
picklemepopcorn · 16/05/2017 18:43

Hopefully someone who has done it more recently will be along soon. It's a trying time, early pregnancy. You really don't know a lot, and just want someone to guide you through it. It will be ok. I think you have leukocyte a when you have had any kind of infection- it just means your immune system is working and you have fought off a cold or something. I can't promise, I'm just going from a bit of general knowledge, I'm not an HCP. Hopefully so done who actually knows will come along shortly, but in the meantime BrewCake

confusedat23 · 16/05/2017 19:54

If you can OP I would just go abd see your doctor or see if you can call the community midwives just to talk about the Leukocyte and the risk of infection. There is no harm in asking Smile

giraffe88 · 16/05/2017 20:23

Hi I had leukocytes in my urine and was told just to drink more water to try and flush them out. By the time I had urine tested again they were gone.
Also with the slapped cheek if result showed you have had in the past this is brilliant news as I unfortunately wasn't immune and have caught it during his pregnancy and now currently having scans every two weeks with consultant to make sure baby doesn't get poorly.
Midwife's can be awful but they're are also some lovely ones out there don't take it personally although sometimes they can make you feel crap!!

Gooseygoosey12345 · 16/05/2017 20:25

I had a locum midwife for my appointment a few weeks back and she was about as useful as yours sounds. Don't panic, nothing you've said sounds out of the ordinary. Will you see your normal midwife next time? I would specifically request her so that you can put your mind at rest. Good luck with your pregnancy :)

AgentCooper · 16/05/2017 21:42

Thanks for the kind responses, everyone. Giraffe, I'm really sorry to hear what's happened to you and wish you and your baby the absolute best Flowers

Goosey, it's a midwife team so we can't stick to one midwife unfortunately, I wish we could! It was honestly like this MW didn't have a clue, googling slapped cheek and getting corrected by a student. I wish she could have just told me what those results meant instead of acting like it was nothing to do with her.

OP posts:
TestingTestingWonTooFree · 16/05/2017 22:20

I don't think leukocytes in urine is necessarily a problem. Unless you've just had a wash and do a mid stream sample, it can be caused by vaginal discharge.

AgentCooper · 17/05/2017 08:16

Thanks testing, I did have discharge during the day yesterday and gave the sample in the afternoon. Again, I wish the MW could have explained this.

OP posts:
Gooseygoosey12345 · 17/05/2017 13:28

Could you just request not to see her again? I had one at the hospital last week who gave me a blood test and was brutal. I don't mind having blood taken and normally don't bruise but the state of my arm was disgraceful! My normal midwife told me to refuse to have her again and ask for someone else so I'm assuming you could do the same next time you book. You should feel reassured by your midwife and anything less is unacceptable

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