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Pregnancy symptoms, no period, negative HPT, inconclusive bloods?

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lisadanielle · 12/05/2017 07:16


You'll have to bare with me as I'm new here but I've been reading a lot of threads and thought, instead of guessing, I'd just ask for advice on my own experiences...

So, to begin with, I had my implant taken out at the beginning of April 2017 after having it in for a year. I previously had one in before that for about 2 years. I haven't really had a period for around 3/4 years as I was on and off the implant and pill but, in February this year, I started to have light spotting but continuously for days on end. My doctor recommended I had it out and when back on the pill. I decided not to as me and my partner were hoping to, in the upcoming months, start to TTC. I didn't go back on the pill because I just thought I'd let nature run its course and regulate itself for a few months etc.

Around 2 weeks ago, I started getting back migraines. These have now worn off but, at the time, they were so bad I went to the doctors. She asked if I had been having unprotected sex and I said yes, the first time me and my partner DD'd after the implant removal was the same day and have been pretty much every day since except the last week.

The migraines wore off and the pregnancy test I did (last wednesday) was negative. My doctor recommended using OPK to see if I can find when I'm ovulating and work out from there when I can expect my period - it was going to be trial and error anyway!!! I started taking them the next morning (Thursday) and since then have been having a mix of strong/faint positives over a 10 day period. I did another test on Sunday which was negative, but went back to the doctor 2 days ago (wednesday - a week after the first) because I was having other symptoms (I.e peeing slightly more than usual, tender breasts, stomach cramps) and she sent me for blood tests. The tests come back inconclusive and they want me to wait another two weeks until they test for bloods again. I took a 10mu sensitive test this morning and it's still negative. However, yesterday saw the development of a nasty sore throat and this morning since around 4am, I've been being sick... I suppose my question is, how long should I wait before I urine test again and should I call my doctor back and tell him I'm being sick?

My only concern is that, I fell pregnant before in 2012 and had an ectopic pregnancy. I had no symptoms other than migraines which is why, when I had them this time, I automatically panicked and thought pregnant!!

Any advice on what I should do and what I should look out for? Anyone had a similer previous experience and have found they are pregnant?

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