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Concert 150 miles away at 37 weeks?

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CaipirinhasAllRound · 09/05/2017 16:59

I've got tickets to see take that (Blush) in Manchester in a fortnight with a friend but am 35 weeks and I live 150 miles away! We have seats and I'm taking my husband to Manchester and we've booked accommodation but I'm now wondering if it's all a bit foolish!
Would you go?

OP posts:
glitterglitters · 09/05/2017 17:05

I would but I'd be open to changing my plans if need be.

I'd also see how I felt on the day as well.

If you do have the baby at the concert you'd have to call them Gary at least Grin

Racheyg · 09/05/2017 17:12

Go and have a great time. It will be a while till you can enjoy a concert again. Grin

I did glasto at 36 1/2 weeks pregnant. As long as your not a high risk and take your notes (just in case).

Have a good time x

Fruitcorner123 · 09/05/2017 17:14

Definitely go but avoid driving if you can it's a long journey and i found driving so uncomfortable.

Justmadeperfectflapjacks · 09/05/2017 17:19

I drove back to the UK from Spain at 37 weeks. .
Take your notes with you just in case. .

CherriesInTheSnow · 09/05/2017 18:08

Since you have seats I'd say definitely okay if you feel up to it. I would consider how much you're going to need to wee though! !

Thingymaboob · 09/05/2017 18:16

Go, have fun. They have great hospitals in Manchester!

virtualinsanity · 09/05/2017 18:18

Honestly, even if everything is going great with your pregnancy it will be dreadful. Travelling isn't fun at that stage, even as a passenger.

It doesn't matter that you've got seats as it just takes a few muppets to stand up, creating a domino effect and you have no choice. You will end up having to sit down and watch the arses of cackling 30s to middle aged groups of drunken women in cowboy hats screeching and wailing along to the songs. Sell those tickets and book something lovely for you and DH sooner.

I went to Take That pregnant. Can you tell?

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