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Glucose intolerance test.

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beck3001 · 08/05/2017 21:31

Hi ladies!
Just wondering how long everyone's tests took?
I don't actually know why I've been sent for the test as there isn't any diabetes in the family and I don't have any health reasons that would put me at risk. So I'm hoping as the letter says I will be able to come home after the first blood test!
How many of you had to have the drink and stay for however long?
Just so I know what to expect!

OP posts:
DuggeeHugs · 08/05/2017 21:43

I've had two this pregnancy - one at 13 weeks and one at 26 weeks (both fine) - they're pretty straightforward. I was told that I needed to stay in the waiting room and sit still for the two hours between bloods because it is a resting test - this is standard procedure so I'd take something to watch or read with you.

As to why, some trusts undertake them as standard while some only test if you're over 35, BMI over 30, family history or glucose in urine, etc. If you have no idea why, your trust is probably one of the former.

The test results are usually back in a couple of days. It's boring but worth having done Smile

MabelTheCow · 09/05/2017 13:04

Mine went like this.

Fasting blood test first thing in the morning.
Drink the whole overly sweet capri-sun style GTT drink in 5 minutes. Think it was about 300 ml.
Need to sit quietly and wait (where you are a captive audience for health visitors to inform you on their latest opinions)
2 hours later, blood test is repeated.
Eat like a ravenous lion while driving to work.

It's a PITA but worth having done if you've been identified as being at risk for any reason.

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