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Miscarriage - advice please :-(

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user1491403410 · 06/05/2017 15:11

Important dates - 23/03/17 was my last period
Did a pregnancy test on 20/04/17 which was positive and made me exactly 4 weeks.
Did a clear blue digital test which said 1-2 weeks pregnant

Fast forward to Thursday and have some light bleeding.

Midwife referred me for a scan yesterday as bleeding had continued. I will of been 6+1 weeks

Scan showed absolutely nothing. She couldn't see anything, even on an internal scan. Only thing she could see was my womb was quite thick which is an indicator of early pregnancy. She seemed to think I was in very very early pregnancy.

I've had absolutely no symptoms in this pregnancy, however the last couple of days my boobs are and continue to be sore.

The dr suggested I keep doing pregnancy tests and if it still says pregnant in 2 weeks then I need to come back to be re scanned. If it doesn't then we are to assume to have miscarried.

I've done a pregnancy test today which still says positive. The bleeding is still there although not heavy. Probably about the size of a tea light is the amount I've lost today.

I'm assuming I've miscarried. I don't see how my dates could be wrong.

Could there really be a chance that I've had 2 positive tests 2 weeks ago yet it still shows nothing on my scan because it's early?

I just don't see it :-( I don't know how to feel

Anyone experienced anything like this before?

OP posts:
Heirhelp · 06/05/2017 15:19

It sounds like you have had an early miscarriage. (Flowers) At 6 weeks my miscarriage showed 'stuff' in my uterus and with my pregnancy which resulted in my daughter I saw a heart beat a 6 weeks.

The clear blue test measure the date from conception so all your dates match up.

They want you to retest to make sure nothing is felt on the uterus.

user1491403410 · 06/05/2017 16:33

This is my 3rd pregnancy so and I've had scans this early before so I knew for her to see absolutely nothing wasn't a good sign. My daughter showed a heartbeat at 5.5 weeks.

I just didn't like the way she thought it was an early pregnancy because I know my body and I know it's not :-(

Even if it was an early pregnancy, I'm still bleeding so that's a clear indicator that something is wrong

OP posts:
Heirhelp · 06/05/2017 16:54

The guidelines state that they have to treat it as a very early pregnancy and not intervenue to 'help' a miscarriage in case it would have gone on to be a healthy pregnancy.

I had a miscarriage with light bleeeing followed by a successful pregnancy but I did have heavy bleeding at 6 weeks.

Polly99 · 06/05/2017 16:56

I've posted on your other thread, but basically I think they should be monitoring you for ectopic pregnancy, not telling you to come back in 2 weeks.

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