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Breast feeding query

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2ducks2ducklings · 05/05/2017 17:47

It's a looong way off yet but I'm seriously thinking of trying breastfeeding this time. Formula fed my other two and they both thrived, it's just that I know this will be our last and I'd like to try.
I'm nervous about it and really unsure about feeding in public, though this may change in time. But what's concerning me at the minute is that I've read that you won't be discharged from hospital until breastfeeding has been established. Or that baby has at least had a feed.
Is this the case?
I'm worried that the anxiety of trying to make this happen will increase the likelihood of failure.

OP posts:
Foggymist · 05/05/2017 19:00

Breastfeeding takes 4-6 weeks to fully establish so you'll definitely be let home after a few days! Babies will feed very soon after birth and then every couple of hours or constantly over days 2-3, getting colostrum at first as your milk usually follows that after 3-5 days. Baby's stomach is tiny at birth, the size of a marble, so they only need and take very little in the first feeds/days.

InDubiousBattle · 05/05/2017 22:22

As pp says it takes a few weeks to establish bf so you'll definitely be home before then. Both of my dc had their first feeds whilst we were still doing skin to skin after birth, within 30 minutes or so of being born. I think they do like to see a feed, but that doesn't necessarily mean your discharge will be delayed at all because you'll feed your baby pretty soon after birth.

mollyfolk · 05/05/2017 22:46

As the others said - it takes weeks to establish- you'll be long gone. It's challenging after formula feeding because the baby seems so hungry all the time, newborns feed constantly, you may doubt yourself and your supply. But it is so worth it. It's just such a comfort to them - you can soothe a teething or poorly baba in seconds. The work is all front loaded- like climbing a mountain with a beautiful view at the top. Read up on the benefits before hand to motivate yourself.
This is a great starting point for reading -
Ignore the rest of the site ( she's mental but this article is great and accurate)

SnackSnackEatAndCrave · 05/05/2017 22:54

We were out of hospital in 12 hours. They did want to see a feed but crack on fairly quickly. After a bit of skin to skin and a lot of stitching they lined us up and DD knew exactly what to do! We had a few tricky weeks after, so definitely weren't "established"... But the main criteria for leaving hospital was that DD and I had both had a wee!

AlfaMummy · 05/05/2017 23:02

Re feeding in public - many department stores have feeding rooms which frankly are lovely. John Lewis and M&S for example. I've also fed my daughter in parks on benches slightly off the beaten track - you always find somewhere to go for privacy. The back seat of a car is also a good spot, especially if you have sun blinds fitted.

2ducks2ducklings · 06/05/2017 09:22

Thank you so much for the replies. As you can see, this is all very new to me. I'll definitely be reading that article. Thanks ladies.

OP posts:
savagehk · 06/05/2017 11:42

They do want to see a feed early, the earlier you start with skin to skin and trying to get baby to latch the better your chances of successful breastfeeding. I ended up with a theatre delivery (forceps) and while I was still in recovery the midwife latched baby on. There's no reason to be anxious about it.

SpikeGilesSandwich · 06/05/2017 12:04

Get a feeding cover, Palm and Pond do some lovely ones, have a practice using it at home before you venture out. I was a bit nervous so DH and I took a gentle walk, found a discreet bench and gave DS a feed, once you've done it, you'll realise there's nothing to it. Since then I've fed at parties, weddings, christenings, an care home, DH's hospital appointments, loads of places. Generally, if I'm out, I tend to find a Costa or somewhere, you can sit for an hour over a drink while feeding and they don't care. Also good for having a big loo you can take the pram in and changing facilities.
I find the cover good for keeping the baby focused too, without it they tend to get distracted when they are a bit older and jerk their heads round to try to look at things, taking your poor nipple with them, it hurts!
You will be fine, best of luck.

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