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So emotional

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dede124 · 04/05/2017 16:52

I don't know what to do with myself I'm so emotional. Most of the time at the moment I'm so angry and I'm taking it out people around me.

My emotions are all over the place and I feel like I can't cope, sometimes Ill just burst into tears and can't stop crying then I will be ok for a little while but most of the time I'm just angry and I will find something to get pissed off about.

I'm worried what affect this is having on my baby because I know stress is not good but I just can't help it. OH thinks I'm crazy as well he just doesn't understand at all. Can anyone relate to this??


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SlB09 · 04/05/2017 16:57

Hell yeah, how far along are you? First trimester I was one of two things, a total cow or a sobbing mess, I cried at crufts for gods sake! Husband was probably about to abandon me as the sound of him breathing literally could have sent me into some irratated rage!! Now im in second tri and much more even keel, easily irritated but nowhere near like I was and the tears have just,about stopped, I feel quite normal emotionally now. But yeah those mood swings are tough!

dede124 · 04/05/2017 17:08

@SlB09 I'm 17 weeks so second trimester I thought I would be ok by now. First trimester I was just crying all the time! I honestly don't know what's going to happen if I'm like this for another 5 months! I'm having thoughts about OHs family trying to take over and trying to take the baby off me and things too which I don't think is normal! X

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SlB09 · 04/05/2017 19:54

Yeah, maybe have a chat with your midwife or GP? Prenatal depression and anxiety are more common than post natal so worth getting the support there as soon as. I have depressive episodes anyway so continues my medication but was open with midwife and shes been great. Luckily like I said so far im OK but let them know and they can support you. It might just be normal anxieties once you talk it through properly with someone but they can advise you xx

dede124 · 06/05/2017 06:22

Thank you. I think I will speak to my midwife next week xx

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