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Pelvic floor advice - help!!

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Lolabelle · 06/07/2004 15:06

I'm 32 weeks pregnant and haven't started my pelvic floor exercises as I am not sure what to do and stuff - my first pregnancy and apart from stopping weeing mid flow what else can I do??

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beansprout · 06/07/2004 15:14

I think we are supposed clench those muscles as and when we remember. I try and do batches of 20, holding for say, 3 seconds each time. Like any muscle, the more the better. Good luck!

pupuce · 06/07/2004 15:16

Don't stop wee in mid flow... it's not a good idea.
You can do these exrecises lying, sitting or standing.
Ultimately you need to learn to squeeze 3 areas., Initially you may only feel 1 or 2. You quickly improve if you these exercises once or twive a day for a few repetitions.
Squeeze back passage, vagina, urethra (wee).
You can do quick squeezes.... as fast you can. And you can do long squeezes where you start from back, middle, front and then gently let go front, middle back.
It is common to find it hard at the beginning but in days you see improvements.
Besides helping support your pelvic floor, these exercises teach you to relax your pelvic floor which is very important when birthing.

Blu · 06/07/2004 15:19


Lolabelle, yu don't actually have to stop weeing mid flow to do the excercises, that just helps indetify that you are squeezing the right bits! Much better to do the excercises on the bus, watching tv, etc etc!

eddm · 06/07/2004 15:29

Apparently stopping mid-flow is actually a bad idea as may mean you don't empty your bladder properly and make stress incontinence more likely... so do the exercises but don't stop peeing .

Lolabelle · 06/07/2004 20:01

Thanks ladies - i will spend my weekend squeezing my vagina!! God its quite tricky but i have been doing them at work since i posted so thanks!!

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