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Planned general anaesthetic c section

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rollingonwheels · 02/05/2017 18:53

Anyone had a planned c section under general anaesthetic?
Just wondering how it went for you. Could you ask a member of staff to take pictures of your baby first moment coming out?

I've got lots of health problems and had lots of previous surgeries. Need central line access. Etc etc.
That's why C section under general safest for me.

OP posts:
OvO · 02/05/2017 19:06

I've had 3.

They all went well. The first one was the 'oddest' as I really hadn't planned for the feeling like I had blinked and in that second I'd gone from pregnant to having a midwife point to a baby next to me saying, "it's a boy!"

Was more prepared the other two times so it was totally fine.

I didn't think to ask for photos! I did have my DH in with me for two of the sections so he's described it in all the gory details. Grin. Definitely ask about photos, wish I had now.

After I was incredibly groggy and kept falling asleep mid sentence. Had to have a lot of support with my DS's as it wasn't safe for me to just hold them. Also had a midwife express colostrum for me as I was too out of it to do it/feed! I hadn't expected that so was bit of a surprise.

It was all very calm and pleasant really.

Good luck!

TestingTestingWonTooFree · 02/05/2017 19:25

I had an EMCS under GA and it was bloody magic waking up to a baby. No idea about photos, doesn't hurt to ask if they're able to.

rollingonwheels · 03/05/2017 12:40

0v0 were you allowed your partner in the theatre under general? They have said I'm not aloud my partner in when it's under a general. That's why I wanted to ask a medical staff to take a photo for me. I also don't want them to wipe my baby. I want to be able to do that when I come around.
Congratulations to you both!
I've had 2 c sections with extremely difficult spinal anaesthetic and complications.

OP posts:
anotherBadAvatar · 03/05/2017 13:05

Partners aren't allowed in the theatre with a GA, but often the midwife will take the baby out to show dad quickly if you agree to it beforehand.

I would imagine that the theatre staff would be more than happy to take photos for you though.

With regards to the wiping - they often need to do that to stimulate the baby to take a breath or to prevent the baby from being too cold and wet, but obviously baby will still be pretty mucky from the birth.

Good luck!


OvO · 03/05/2017 13:36

Yes, my DH was in while I was under. They did the set up first - tube down throat etc, but once ready to go he was brought in and got to watch the whole thing. Once baby was out and given a check he got to hold them straight away.

I asked them not to wash my DS's too and that was fine.

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