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'The show'

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jadeyty · 02/05/2017 17:25

I'm pretty sure I lost my mucus plug today and I'm only 38 weeks pregnant. How long after the show did you go into labour?

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isittheholidaysyet · 02/05/2017 17:29

For DC1, about 4 hours later.
For the other 3 DC'S I had various pains which i thought were probably labour but not sure. Then had the show which confirmed it and contractions started pretty much after. (Though still a good few hours to birth. No rushing to hospital or anything. Time to take my time!)

isittheholidaysyet · 02/05/2017 17:30

If it is, then good luck.Flowers

GuardianOfMyGalaxy · 02/05/2017 17:32

Dd was 2 days later, ds was the next day. Hopefully this one will be same day!

Lolabee · 02/05/2017 19:49

2 days later for dc1

hexagon01 · 02/05/2017 20:45

For balance, I (am fairly sure I) lost mine last week at 38+1 and I'm still very pregnant Sad

hexagon01 · 02/05/2017 20:45

Last Tuesday that is :)

beekeeper17 · 02/05/2017 20:52

I lost mine at 38+1 and contractions started 3 days later. Was lucky to have a quick labour so I guess things were progressing during those 3 days but i didn't really realise it. Good luck!!

Ghostonthedancefloor · 02/05/2017 21:34

Snap OP! Think I lost mine earlier, or at least some of it? Was after having the sharp shooting pains and bouncing on my ball. Nothing else to report yet.

Anything with you?

jadeyty · 02/05/2017 22:04

Not yet ghost onthedancefloor! Will let you know if anything happens.

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