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major feeling of stress/anxiety 4/5 weeks pregnant

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user1490011380 · 02/05/2017 12:10

hello, I just found out I was 4/5 weeks pregnant this weekend with clear blue
known myself for a week I was pregnant
other half found out yesterday
we were trying and are over the moon
but I have suffered with serious anxiety before, and my other half is away in spain this weekend for a stag do, and I am just majorly stressing and feel so tense and anxious, can anyone help me calm down/help with any keeping relaxed and positive tips???

thank you xx

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haveacupoftea · 02/05/2017 15:15

Hiya, do you know what it is exactly you feel anxious about or is it a more general kind of anxiety?

user1490011380 · 02/05/2017 15:33

general I think..... its my first pregnancy, Im only 4/5 weeks pregnant, worried about all chemical pregnancy/early miscarriage business... my partner going away and being alone, just making myself so stressed and i can feel my stomachs in knots, its doing my head in :( trying so hard to keep calm and relax
Ive had cbt for panic and anxiety before which worked
I dont want the panic attacks to return so just want to calm and relax and sort myself now, quickly before I do any damage aahhhh. xx

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