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7 weeks & most symptoms are going

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ACFW2016 · 01/05/2017 18:29

If you've saw another thread of mine you'll know that I conceived naturally after 7 years. As you can imagine, I'm even more petrified because I suppose I never thought it would happen. I found out the Sunday before last that I was pregnant with a CB, I believe I'm 7 weeks 2 days at the moment and I see the midwife in a fortnight.

My symptoms so far are nausea, tender breasts and burping loads (it's ridiculous.) I also had what I felt was almost just like a thumb of pressure below my stomach above my pubic bone, it wasn't painful but it was there and made me feel pregnant and that things were happening. As I'm so used to checking for my period I always check the tissue after I've been the toilet and not had even a dot of blood since my last period but these last two days the nausea is happening for a lot less. That thumb of pressure is gone and I just sort of feel... normal again apart from breasts feel tender.

I feel a bit silly making this post but of course I'm having visions that when I see the midwife / have my scan that the baby stopped growing two days ago. This pregnancy malarky can really turn you crackers can't I? Can anyone else identify with this and is now a lot further along please? xx

OP posts:
TeaAndPjs · 02/05/2017 07:40

I'm 8-10 weeks (scans weren't clear) and have had literally no symptoms for 2-3 weeks other than my boobs being tender, I sometimes feel a bit off when hungry but that's about it!

Foreverhopeful22 · 02/05/2017 07:43

Lots of symptoms come and go throughout the pregnancy.

Don't worry you'll have a whole load of new ones to contend with very soon

Foreverhopeful22 · 02/05/2017 07:44

I didn't have any symptoms at all until 3 months

ACFW2016 · 10/06/2017 11:05

I just wanted to come back onto this post, not to frighten anyone but to urge you to listen to your body if you're feeling like I was.

On Wednesday I went for my 12 week scan (I was 12 weeks four days) and she couldn't find the baby. I then had to do an internal scan which was fine actually but the baby didn't have a heartbeat, it had died at 7 weeks 3 days, the day after I posted this post.

The reality is if I had gone to the doctor instead of only posting it wouldn't have changed the outcome but it would have saved me a further five weeks blissfully unaware that our baby had died. I am now waiting to miscarry x

OP posts:
Icantthinkofastupidname · 10/06/2017 11:17

That's heartbreaking news, I am so sorry.

I feel terrible myself because I am 7w2d and constantly moaning to my husband about how crappy I feel from the moment I get up until the moment I go to sleep.

Next time I throw up I will be thankful I promise. I will also be thinking of you and everyone in else your situation Flowers

ChanandlerBongsNeighbour · 10/06/2017 11:24

So sorry OP Flowers

Hay94 · 16/04/2020 14:51

Hi to anyone scrolling through all the forums for some hope!
That was me!

I just wanted to say I am currently 8 weeks pregnant and had an early scan today and baby is doing great!

Last October I suffered with a missed misscarridge, I found out at my 12 week scan.
So as you can imagine this has been a nervous time for me since falling pregnant again (which im very happy about!)

From 6 weeks I was feeling nauseous and mild sore boobs, I was sick three times over the week, when I hit 7 weeks I felt like my symptoms were going slowly daily, then when I was 7w 5 days I woke up and felt normal! Didnt feel anything sickness or sore boobs, went into panick! The next day I did start to feel a bit sick again but didn't know if it was just in my head!

Anyway I'm rambling now! If I can reassure just one person I will be happy.

Stay positive even if you have to squeeze it out of you xx

Hatscats · 16/04/2020 17:20

Mine seemed worse between 4-6 weeks, then they died off a bit, but came back. I’m 13 weeks now and I’ve had two days of sickness, which I did think had gone at about 11 weeks.

Littlebb2020 · 16/04/2020 18:44

I also tried for as long as you and completely understand your paranoia and worry. I had ivf in the end as never conceived naturally once in all
The 7 years of trying. I didn’t think the ivf would work but it had. I’m 12 weeks have had about 6 scans showing a strong heart beat and baby moving around and still worry!.
Still feel like my bubble is going to be burst any minute. I had the symptoms and still burp constantly. I’ve noticed since about week 10 my symptoms come and go and yours probably will too. Last week I didn’t vomit all day and really wanted to feel sick just so I could feel “pregnant” and stop worrying, the next day I was sick nearly all day and had a throbbing headache. If you are worried I’d say go and have a private scan for peace of mind. X

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