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Ligament pain in 3rd trimester, any tips?

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adlertippa · 01/05/2017 13:02

Hello all,

Yesterday and today I've had a 30-45 min bout of intense stitch-like pain in my side (different side each time). I'm not concerned about the cause as it sounds like ligament/muscle pain, but I was wondering if anyone has any tips on helping it pass? It's really bloody sore! Have tried wiggling around on exercise ball, massaging it, staying still and Deep Heat. I've luckily been at home both times so far but a bit worried about it coming on when I'm out the house.

I've still got 8 weeks til my due date so keen to find the best way to deal with the pain if it's going to be a daily event... it's been good practice for my hypnobirth relaxation at least, ha ha. Thanks!

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