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The brown stopped a while ago. Now pink red watery please help :-(

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Tattybogle89 · 30/04/2017 21:19

After on off brown discharge I had scan 5-6weeks. Seen heartbeat. Elated. Brown carried on. Stopped finally over a week ago. Was the best feeling.
Im now bleeding pale red and pink red watery stuff. Quite a bit.
I've just sat sobbing half hour on bathroom floor. I just don't want to deal with this. My 12 week's scan is in a week. I've bought big brother gifts for my son who I haven't told yet but its all planned out for after scan. . . I am petrified. Help me

OP posts:
Girliefriendlikesflowers · 30/04/2017 21:21

Some light bleeding early on can be normal so try not to panic Flowers have you got a number for a midwife you can speak to?

Tillyscoutsmum · 30/04/2017 21:22

You poor thing Sad
Obviously every situation is different but I bled on and off throughout my pregnancy with dd. Sometimes brown, sometimes quite heavy red/pink. I went for several scans and they never found a reason for the bleeds but ddwas absolutely fine.

Keeping everything crossed for you x

Justmadeperfectflapjacks · 30/04/2017 21:22

Have you had sex recently as a slight abrasion to the cervix can cause a bleed.
Get checked out tomo. .
Hope all is OK. Flowers

kitkat321 · 30/04/2017 21:24

Any cramping? Bleeding is pretty common and if not accompanied by cramps is generally not a cause for concern - get in touch with epu tomorrow for an earlier scan just to check xx

Tattybogle89 · 30/04/2017 21:27

Thank you for quickly replying. I love mumsnet.
I have an odD discomfort feeling . but I don't know if its nerves or bowels or what.
No sex. Have put nothing in there at all since positive test.. When people say pink spotting is this what they mean? Or is spotting literally dots??

OP posts:
biginjapan · 30/04/2017 21:32

Hi tatty - I have had on and off pink spotting since my bfp. Now roughly 6+3 and had a scan last week. Heartbeat and had grown well between scans - still not sure what is going on but I do still feel pregnant. It's terrifying and horrible but hang in there. A positive scan with a heartbeat is a good sign.

When I called the epu they said not to worry too much if pink not red. I can pm you a picture if you'd like to see what I mean by pink spotting. Way tmi, but happy to if you're interested?

Tattybogle89 · 30/04/2017 21:37

Yes Japan that would be helpful. I took a pic and keep looking at it. I think its red pale more than pink sometimes. Sorry you hve this. They sed implantation bleeding when I had brown at5-6 weeks. I Was happy that made sense. But ten weeks and this.. What could cause it??

OP posts:
biginjapan · 30/04/2017 21:38

My midwife said just one of those things. I'll send it now.

MissHemsworth · 30/04/2017 21:47

Hi OP I had browny/pink light bleeding with both of my pregnancies around 9 weeks. My MW said it was something to do with it being the around the time I would have had my period. Both pregnancies were fine. I remember being very worried at the time & so paranoid about getting cramps that it almost felt like I was having (mild) cramps. Think it was psychosomatic.

JayneAusten · 30/04/2017 21:53

I have had bleeding in all of my pregnancies (the ones that carried and the ones that didn't). I don't think it means anything diagnostic really. You could have a small pocket of blood as the implantation bleed happens when the baby burrows into the lining of the womb and sometimes a bit of blood gets stuck in an area and comes out later, especially as baby gets bigger. See if you can get an earlier scan. I hope you'll be ok. xx

SilverLinings2014 · 30/04/2017 22:10

I bleed between weeks 9-16 including a couple of huge gushes where I woke up covered in blood (one trip in ambulance to A&E it was so severe). 2.5 yo DD is safely tucked up in bed.

For me, they think it was caused by the placenta starting to detach and could have led to mc, but they couldn't say for sure. I had 4 weeks off work on bed rest during which time I assume the placenta reattached itself...I ended up having surgery to have it removed after baby was born.

Try to rest as much as possible and don't do anything strenuous until it stops. Get checked out as soon as you can Flowers

user1492115574 · 30/04/2017 22:29

I bled on and off from
5-13 weeks. Quite heavy sometimes too. I have a very healthy child from that pregnancy.

TickleMcTickleFace · 30/04/2017 22:48

I had some bleeding at 6 weeks so had an early scan that showed a haematoma in the uterus, the bleeding tailed off but at 9 weeks started again. I ended up in a&e where it started pouring (sorry tmi) but after another scan baby was absolutely fine. It finally stopped completely at 20 weeks. It is so scary but bleeding doesn't always mean the worst, I'd contact the EPU and see if you can have an earlier scan.

Tattybogle89 · 01/05/2017 08:41

Thank you for sharing your stories. Its terrifying. Nothing on my pad overnight. Nothing this morning so far either. My boobs have reduced in size though and don't hurt for the first time in ages. This is horrible. My son has a party so I have to take him this morning before in can call epu.
Is it safe to have another scan and then a 12 weeks scan so soon after? Epu had said they don't advise many scans in first trimester so not to expect one if I needed to call back I may just get advice.
Can't stop thinking the worst.

OP posts:
m33r · 01/05/2017 09:02

I had lots of scans in my first trimester - 6, 10 and 12 weeks. Then 16 and 20. I would go in for your peace of mind as they may be able to a fine the cause and give you reassurance x

Tattybogle89 · 01/05/2017 20:06

Its gone bright red and dark red and heavier. I have tender tummy too. Its not going away. I cant stop crying
They are going to scan me tmz

OP posts:
Whileweareonthesubject · 01/05/2017 20:09
MissHemsworth · 01/05/2017 20:21
neonrainbow · 01/05/2017 20:24

Good luck. I had a bright red bleed at 9 weeks but it was just implantation bleeding. Fingers crossed its nothing serious for you.

neonrainbow · 01/05/2017 20:24

Forgot to say it was bright red for a day or so, then pink and brown for over a week.

Oysterbabe · 01/05/2017 21:20

Thinking of you and crossing my fingers 🤞Flowers

JOMH1982 · 02/05/2017 06:31

Best of luck xx

Tattybogle89 · 02/05/2017 13:16

Baby is ok . Delighted! It was a hematoma and common. In shock but so happy. Thank you all for support! X

OP posts:
JellyTeapot · 02/05/2017 13:23

Delurking to say I'm so pleased for you. Rest up with Brewand Cake, you deserve it!

JOMH1982 · 02/05/2017 14:25

Yippee!!! Xx

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