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19 weeks, small bump& just feeling fat

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stepmum88 · 30/04/2017 15:56

So am 19 weeks tomorrow..... although baby has pushed my stomach forward & out as (apparently it should), my stomach still looks like I've eaten too many pies. Feeling very unattractive as bump doesn't look "bumpish" (more flabby than solid baby). Anyone else feeling like this? 😞 x

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sprite25 · 30/04/2017 16:04

Right there with you, 19 weeks exactly with baby no.2 and although DH says I just look pregnant, I'm still convinced I just look like a fat mess with a flabby apron belly.

BentleyBelly · 30/04/2017 18:49

Ditto here at 17 weeks. I found wearing maternity over bump jeans shapes my squidge into more of a bump shape.

SlB09 · 30/04/2017 18:52

Sames , 20 weeks and basically just feel like I look fat to anyone else. Just look like an inflated pump filled stomach rather than nice baby bump. I feel ugly and fat, not sure whether this will change for the better when it becomes pregnant belly or whether ill just feel more whale like! Your not alone x

stepmum88 · 30/04/2017 19:14

@BentleyBelly - have bought the under bump Ines which are very comfy, but the over bump Ines are miles too big ATM, so dear they will fall down! @SlB09 feel your pain- I lost 2&1/2 stone over the last year & half and my Mum said to me yesterday "you just look like you did before you lost weight". Great help. Confidence soaring 😖

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Fruitcorner123 · 01/05/2017 23:54

Exactly the same. 19 weeks yesterday and feel like i just look fat. This is my third and i don't remember it being like this with the other two. In my head at least i just had above neat firm little bump. Not this time

stepmum88 · 17/05/2017 20:09

Anyone else's bump grown considerably in the last 2& a bit weeks?!!!

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