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Gender guesses - just for fun

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jcf1986 · 24/04/2017 22:05

Well here is our little bundle of joy. 13+3 today. OH thinks boy but think that's just wishful thinking on his part! X

Gender guesses - just for fun
OP posts:
Biscusting · 24/04/2017 22:06

I think it is a boy!! Congratulations on your pregnancy.

jcf1986 · 24/04/2017 22:12

Thank you! Very exciting - all feels real now!! 😍

OP posts:
DalaHorse · 24/04/2017 22:16

You can't tell from that pic tbh. Although it appears there may be a "little something" in front of the legs, it could be cord. There's no real clues in that pic. It's a lovely pic though!

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