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High dose folic acid for high bmi?

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Emma2803 · 24/04/2017 20:33

Has anyone else been put on high dose (5mg) folic acid due to high bmi (over 30)
My bmi is 32 and I've just read that on the online midwife referral form. This is my second pregnancy my bmi was 29 with my first.

OP posts:
StarlitTrees · 24/04/2017 20:44

I was with both of mine. They give it if your BMI is higher than 30.

ThinkOfAWittyNameLater · 24/04/2017 20:45

Yep, same here. Perfectly normal for higher bmi

DevilWearsPrimark · 24/04/2017 20:46

Yep, I was borderline

FanaticalFox · 24/04/2017 21:12

Nope my bmi was 38 i just take pregnacare and iron. Now 41 weeks all fine apart from overdue.

vfoster · 24/04/2017 21:16

Yep, I was prescribed the higher dose too!

Gingerbreadmam · 24/04/2017 21:18

me too. didnt do bugger all like! maybe my weight counteracted it.

AnUtterIdiot · 24/04/2017 21:23

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AnUtterIdiot · 24/04/2017 21:23

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Emma2803 · 24/04/2017 21:25

Ok so gonna have to ring the Dr's then!! Was just gonna self refer to midwives. I'm only just 4 weeks today. Did you get it straight away when you found out you were pregnant?

OP posts:
Emma2803 · 24/04/2017 21:27

Gonna have to lay off the cakes!! Was trying to lose weight to get pregnant and I've lost 23lb since January but not enough!! Was so good until a few weeks ago too. Back on the straight and narrow!!

OP posts:
StarlitTrees · 24/04/2017 21:29

We have to see the GP first before being referred to the midwives. She just prescribed it there and then.
With my second I told the GP to prescribe it for me. He was an older male doctor and he said he wasn't usually the first port of call for pregnant ladies! Lol

Gingerbreadmam · 24/04/2017 21:29

well done on the weight loss.

i was taking it about four months before my most recent pregnancy and had baby had pataus so it wasnt.particularly effective for me.

ThinkOfAWittyNameLater · 24/04/2017 21:30

I was told to just increase dose from normal folic acid tablets bought in Aldi. No need for a prescription. I'd go ahead and self refer to midwife if I were you.

lorelairoryemily · 24/04/2017 21:30

I was put on it at 12 weeks until 24 weeks. Perfectly normal I'm told

Emma2803 · 24/04/2017 21:33

Thank you Gingerbreadman. So sorry to hear about your little one.
I'm one stone heavier now than I was when I got pregnant with my first and I put on a lot while pregnant. I've been taking pregnacare since Christmas.
I'll ring the gp in the morning, I wish I had of known it before I would have started it months ago!

OP posts:
vfoster · 24/04/2017 21:34

I was prescribed it before being pregnant due to having a b12 deficiency that means I don't absorb folates very well. When I found out a pharmacist told me to just take the normal amount and then when I went for an appointment with my consultant at about 12 weeks she prescribed me the higher dose and wasn't worried that I hadn't had it the whole time. 28 weeks now and everything is fine!

minniemummy0 · 24/04/2017 21:40

I didn't get offered it (and I asked). They only seem to do it in my area for I think it was epilepsy? Not for high BMI. I have to inject myself twice daily with heparin because of my BMI yet they won't prescribe me with high strength folic acid?!

However I am taking folate. I've researched this and folate is absorbed much more easily than folic acid so you generally don't need huge amounts. I'm taking Wild Nutrition vitamins but Solgar make a more reasonably priced but high quality folate.

Gingerbreadmam · 24/04/2017 21:40

thank you.

if you explain to your gp on the phone they may be able to.just write you a prescription. don't worry too much im sure everything will be fine.

AnUtterIdiot · 24/04/2017 22:11

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Emma2803 · 24/04/2017 22:25

Thank you for the advice. My GPS are very good and I should be able to get talking to them tomorrow at some stage!!

OP posts:
haveacupoftea · 25/04/2017 01:22

Yeah get it sorted ASAP as the little spine and everything develops at the very start.

Emma2803 · 25/04/2017 11:33

Got my high dose folic acid today!! Thanks for the advice girls!

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