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dede124 · 24/04/2017 08:26

Has anyone had waxing done whilst pregnant? I'm booked in to have a bikini wax and leg wax next week before holiday but iv just heard the pain is 10 times worse because of sensitive skin during pregnancy and I haven't had it done for years! 😱 has any one experienced?

OP posts:
toomuchtimereadingthreads2016 · 24/04/2017 08:34

I've never had a wax before but interested in following this thread! Wanted to have one on legs / bikini before birth in the hope it will last longer and I can not worry about shaving for a few weeks, but am equally terrified lol

AuntieStella · 24/04/2017 08:46

I don't think pregnancy is a good time to start waxing. Not everyone becomes more sensitive during PG, but enough people do to make it something I'd swerve.

Legs are probably OK - it's different pressure and pelvic blood supply that makes the difference to your undercarriage. Also, possibly easier to live with red angry legs if it does go wrong.

Don't get it done too close to EDD - it's a tiny risk but tiny little abrasions increase the risk of infection.

westeringhome · 24/04/2017 08:56

It's not too bad Smile lots of my clients experience sensitivity just before a period too but nothing too bad. I've always waxed myself in pregnancy too until I can't reach lol. If you have really sensitive skin it may be an idea ask to pop in for a patch test to be on the safe side in case of any adverse reactions to products etc. Your therapist will understand. Tell them you're pregnant so they can allow extra time for getting on and off the bed if need be, for preventing dizziness etc, they will want to make sure you are as comfortable as possible. My skin can be pretty unpredictable during pregnancy. And don't be afraid to tell them if it's really uncomfortable or sore. Follow the aftercare advice too Smile

Sparklyuggs · 24/04/2017 08:58

I didn't find it any worse but I've been waxing for ten years. I wouldn't start now as your skin could be more sensitive, but if it hurts it'll last for less time than labour ;)

TestingTestingWonTooFree · 24/04/2017 09:20

I agree that now's not a good time to start waxing. I am a regular home waxer and it's fine, apart from the logistics of not being able to see/reach around a bump. I booked a bikini wax at the end of my last pregnancy, immediately followed by a massage as a treat, and had to phone to cancel both because I'd had a baby the night before.

newbian · 24/04/2017 10:36

I didn't find any difference in pain and I had a wax last week. But I go regularly so I might have gotten used to it. I do bikini and underarm.

FanaticalFox · 24/04/2017 13:49

Can recommend using a salon that uses Lycon wax, gentler and i found it fine. I had a brazilian and underarm wax at 38 weeks, yes it hurts a bit but no big deal and no different to before i was pregnant. A lot of this stuff is in the mind. I just saw it as a way to get in some breathing technique practice for pain DOWN THERE!

dede124 · 25/04/2017 08:52

Thanks everyone. I'll see how it goes 😱 and I think I will do that before @westeringhome !

OP posts:
sphinxster · 25/04/2017 08:59

I waxed throughout both pregnancies. With my DS I had no pain or increased sensitivity. With my DD it was more sensitive but still not painful, just a bit teeth clenching. Luckily my body hair pretty much stopped growing when I was pregnant with DD so I didn't have to go too often.

buzzmoon · 26/04/2017 09:21

Depends what type of wax! Had a strip wax Hollywood once and that was the most painful experience of my life! I now have hot wax (if you're in London Brazilian hot wax company) its pain free, genuinely and I went a few weeks ago when I was around 8 weeks and it was absolutely fine! No more painful or anything!

dede124 · 26/04/2017 16:34

Just rang the salon they said hey use hot wax for sensitive skin, they said many pregnant women don't complain about it being painful so fingers crossed πŸ˜©πŸ˜–

OP posts:
westeringhome · 26/04/2017 16:44

Hot wax is better for sensitive skin. It 'shrink wraps' around the hair only as it sets and doesn't stick to the skin, unlike traditional warm/strip waxes which do stick to the skin. Enjoy your holiday next week OP!

dede124 · 26/04/2017 19:35

Thanks @westeringhome 😊

OP posts:
MiniAlphaBravo · 26/04/2017 19:39

I did find it more painful sorry! Defo go with the hot wax though. Good luck.

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