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Grumpy in second trimester

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Chloris33 · 22/04/2017 22:53

The last several days I've felt so horribly grumpy all the time, it reminds me of bad PMT, despite the fact that we're on a relaxing holiday in countryside. I'm 22 weeks now. I don't remember being grumpy like this in second trimester of my first pregnancy- I thought hormones are supposed to settle down? Hay fever is not helping - makes me extra tired. Also insomnia. Also going through tough time as my Dad is terminally ill. My DH takes it all personally - what a grouch I am - and says he feels he can't do anything right. Sigh. Anyone else? X

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vfoster · 23/04/2017 09:33

Same here! So sorry to hear what you're going through. I've had this off and on for my entire pregnancy. The week before I did a test I was driving near my home and a girl who always collects my neighbour and then drives like a lunatic was behind me and she was inches from my car (she's done this several times to me and I've rose above it). She beeped me because I braked to go over a speed bump and I lost it...slammed the breaks on, jumped out of the car and asked her what the problem was 😳. I didn't swear or get aggressive or anything but I was a little concerned about why I'd let idiotic driving get to me!
I've had a few weeks like that off and on since and I'm 28 weeks now. Can't remember having this at all in my first pregnancy either.
Just tell your husband that he should be thankful that he will never have to experience how hormones can completely take over your life. I always explain to mine that I just can't control the hormones so he just tries to minimise the damage when I'm feeling crabby.
Hope you feel better soon Flowers

haveacupoftea · 23/04/2017 13:53

I remember my hormones went CRAZY at 21 weeks. I was a total grumpy bitch. I remember joking about it with some other people on the June ante natal group because they were the same, I think it's quite common around that time. I think baby has a big growth spurt then as well which is maybe the cause, I don't know. DH will never understand how it is to have your hormones control you in this way, I remember mine complaining about me being hard to live with, but just have a good talk with him and tell him he will make life easier for you both if he has patience.

Chloris33 · 23/04/2017 21:13

Thank you xx

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FlapAttack78 · 24/04/2017 20:21

Me too.. mega grumpy cowbag here. I have found actively trying to be nice helps.. doing things like finding a funny postcard to send to a friend. . Baking a cake.. printing off sone nice photos and putting up in frame. Tricks me into believing I am not too much of a grumpbag.

titihood · 25/04/2017 13:01

I am 21 weeks and have been feeling quite grumpy for a few weeks now too. I have put it down to not sleeping well (can't seem to get comfortable and keep waking up on my back, aching all over), and lack of brain occupation (been unemployed for a year, despite looking for work, and since became pregnant have been trying to keep busy on own projects).

Sorry to hear that you have also been feeling grumpy - is there a way you can get more rest/do something special just for you/have a pregnancy massage? I'm also so very sorry to hear about your Dad, that must be really really difficult. Have you spoken to your midwife about feelings? There may be some charities or if he is in a hospice/getting care at home then specialist nurses you can talk with about your feelings about his illness etc.
Hope you can talk to someone, and start to feel more positive soon.

PuddingPie16 · 25/04/2017 13:25

Me too! Had a McDonalds yesterday and they didn't give me the right bun for my Big Mac...they put the bun they put on the bottom on the top too and I chucked it across the kitchen table and made DH go back out and get another....what a pyschopath! That is not ok. I am 25 weeks tomorrow hahahaha Hmm

chelle85 · 25/04/2017 17:08

I go from anger to tears in the blink of an eye. Was laughing at something DH said to try and cheer me up and full blown belly laughing somehow turned to sobbing! I have no control of my emotions at all at the moment (24 weeks)

Chloris33 · 25/04/2017 18:37

Sounds like it's a common experience! If only wine was an option to help! Thanks titihood, I will mention what's going on to my midwife next time I see her. It's been ages between my appointments as 2nd time round they barely see you, if your 1st pregnancy was straightforward. My Dad actually lives in Holland, so I don't have much access to the specialist staff, but I might look into charities here, especially when we're nearer the end phase - good suggestion X

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Chloris33 · 25/04/2017 18:38

PS Hugs to others feeling grouchy too! X

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