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OnNaturesCourse · 21/04/2017 23:23

Please send help. Ive had really good, easy to maintain skin all my life except the one time I had a reaction to antibiotics... But since week 5/6 I've had thee most horrific acne. Started on my fore head and creeped down sides of my face and behind my ears!!! While behind my ears has cleared a little (wearing my hair up) it's now breaking out on my jaw and chest. It's like little bumps, loads of them and the occasional proper spot. It looks terrible. Plus I'm only 8 weeks so no one knows I'm PG... must all think I've just suddenly got dirty skin (as it was fine before) the bumps look like the allergic reaction I had but I've not used anything. I jokingly said to DP I must be allergic to bump lol. Anyway does anyone have any remedies that aren't going to break my bank or cause me to spend 19,000,000 hours in the bathroom (feels like I spend that long in there atm!!) Please help, vain but it's really getting to me... 😟😟😟😉

OP posts:
mrsbumblebees · 21/04/2017 23:28

Sorry, can't offer much help but just wanted to sympathise, I have come out in bad spots too! They are mostly quite small but some of them are red and painful to touch, mainly seem to be on my forehead and along my hairline at the back of my neck, with a nice spread across my chest too! I haven't had skin this bad since i was a teenager!

mineofuselessinformation · 21/04/2017 23:35

My first symptom of pregnancy was a huge multi-headed spot, which I had to get antibiotics for, both times. (Both delightfully on my chin.)
See your GP. There will be something they can do hopefully.

StrawberryMouse · 21/04/2017 23:44

Hormones. My skin wasn't right for ages post pregnancy and I ended up on antibiotics to clear it which obviously doesn't help you at the moment unfortunately.

StrawberryMouse · 21/04/2017 23:51

One thing that helped my hormonal acne, although it sounds random, was limiting dairy. I don't want to advise a pregnant woman to give up milk or anything drastic but I seem to remember that even cutting down a little improved mine when I was having a break out.

OnNaturesCourse · 22/04/2017 00:31

Thank you ladies. I'm at the midwife on Monday, perhaps she could help?

OP posts:
TheLionQueen · 22/04/2017 07:39

Hi OP, you have my sympathy as I am exactly the same- though it hasn't spread to my chest (yet).
Please don't do what i did and buy loads of different products and try them all at once out of desperation, as I did then have a reaction to something!
I asked the GP when I went with a uti (the joys Hmm) and she just said it's hormonal and nothing to be done.
Will follow with interest!

Courtneybrown · 22/04/2017 08:26

I'm wondering the same I've broken out down sides of my face my chin and around my mouth it's horrible !! My other two pregnancys I had a glow both boys now this arghh lol. Joys of being pregnant x

YouBoggleMyMind · 22/04/2017 08:43

I've got pcos so my skin has always been pretty crap but since I've been pregnant it's been really bad. Horrible white heads on my chin and jaw line Sad will be trying to get book in with the Dr/Midwife next week once I'm 6 weeks and may ask if they can suggest anything!

OnNaturesCourse · 22/04/2017 11:45

I've been using a charcoal face mask and scrub which has calmed it, and, cleared behind my ears, but I'm wondering if it's my hair. It has been a little greasy. I've gone from once or twice a week wash to every second day. My hairs normally so dry so I don't think my skin is dealing?

OP posts:
BillywigSting · 22/04/2017 11:49

I'm not much help sorry op but you have my sympathy.

My skin is really sensitive to hormones so I even break out around rag week but when I was pregnant my skin was a total mess. It was bloody sore! as well looking crap

Took about three months to clear up after ds was born

OnNaturesCourse · 22/04/2017 11:52

It's horrid, but I feel worse as no one aside from close family know I'm pregnant!

OP posts:
Urglewurgle · 22/04/2017 15:24

I'm the same still at 18+5. It's making me so miserable!
I used to have bad skin but have used acnecide for years (and done loads of exercise, drunk loads of water and ate pretty 'clean') and my skin was amazing! I can't use my spot cream, been too tired and sick to go to the gym and eaten everything sight. There's no hope for me!

TheLionQueen · 22/04/2017 17:20

I'm 18+5 too Urgle Smile hopefully we will all soon get this mysterious "glow"
I tried charcoal cleanser and it made it worse Shock goes to show what works for one won't for another.
Definitely sounds like the hair is contributing OP. I might try clipping mine back actually to see if it helps my forehead.
I've switched to plain water to cleanse and just e45 moisturiser which has helped the most so far. Still bad though..

Courtneybrown · 22/04/2017 19:24

I also have a huge ovarian cyst don't know if that's contributed to my horrible breakout.

Not nice !! :(

mummabubs · 22/04/2017 20:51

Can't help but just to offer empathy OP! My skin and hair both went to crap at 8 weeks and now I'm 16 weeks I'd say my hair is back to normal and my skin is ... getting there-ish! Still have the occasional 'bump' appear on my face but not as bad. I'm hoping it's the mythical glow finally finding its way to me and maybe will for you too? Fingers crossed! Xx

TheLionQueen · 22/04/2017 21:59

I spoke too soon, over the course of tonight my cheeks, nose, chin and forehead so basically whole face has turned red, angry and lumpy.
I have had Chinese takeaway. I wonder if there's a link? Anyone else noticed? I saw dairy mentioned upthread..
I've got a thread going about this in s&b, I think I might have to order some of the products recommended on there.

highinthesky · 22/04/2017 22:03

Hormones I'm afraid. It will settle once you've delivered.

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