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Englishmum1 · 20/04/2017 14:03

Hi I'm looking for some advice.
My partner and I have been trying and I have had some bleeding whereas my period isn't due until the end of the month. It has been a red colour with some mild cramps. I might be being a bit hopeful here but was hoping it would be implantation and not an early period. Has anyone else experienced this and they were actually pregnant.

Tia x

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leighdinglady · 20/04/2017 20:40

I didn't bleed, but I had one whallop of stomach cramps. I actually put a sanitary towel on as I thought I was getting my period a whole 7 days early. I did a test the following day and got BFP. 6 days before my period was due

Englishmum1 · 20/04/2017 22:22

I have done another test but got negative I have read that sometimes not until after the implantation it can come back as positive. I think I may be getting my hopes up but this is not like me. I never cramp or feel ill

OP posts:
Catlover1812 · 20/04/2017 22:35

It happened to me. The implantation bleeding started about 3 days before my period was due (I was usually v regular) but only lasted two days. I didn't think anything of it, thinking it was a period, and had just moved house etc so was under a lot of stress. I only did a test after getting sore boobs, about a week later. I know it's annoying but patience is everything x

Cammysmoma · 21/04/2017 15:55

I had light bleeding at time of inplantion and didn't get my positive test until 2 weeks later! Hopefully you get your BFP soon! I tried for ages and no joke, I ordered ovulation tests from amazon which were £3 odd and fell pregnant that same month, I also tracked my CM to look out for my most fertile window x

Cammysmoma · 21/04/2017 16:12

Implantation, autocorrect 🙄

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