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Help! Awful piles - what can be done?

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Lucinda15 · 18/04/2017 04:48

So this post may involve TMI but I need advice from ladies who have dealt with piles in pregnancy! I'm desperate!

I'm writing this after 2 hrs of sleep tonight and feel I'm unlikely to get anymore due to the awful piles I've developed. I'm 32 weeks pregnant, have had piles in the past due to history of IBS/constipation plus awful piles post delivery of DS 5 years ago. I have always managed to prevent/treat them with diet and anusol when required etc. However, 3 weeks ago I was told I have gestational diabetes, and started to reduce the amount of fibre and fruit in my diet to control blood sugars. This has led to constipation and combined with a busy weekend with lots of walking and standing I have now developed a huge pile(s) that is causing me excruciating pain. I really feel someone is stabbing me in my intimate bum area with a handful of pins. It's worse than I've ever experienced before and I've been in tears yesterday it's making me so miserable. I've been unable to sleep tonight because of the pain. Anusol and paracetamol just aren't helping at all. So I'm heading to the GP as soon as it opens in the morning.

But my question is, will they be able to prescribe me something stronger while pregnant?

And I'm so embarrassed about calling in sick at work, but I really don't think I can go. I'm in so much pain and the thought of sitting on a chair all day makes me want to cry!

Im also petrified of labour! I remember I developed awful piles after pushing last time and I'm dreading what will happen this time of the piles are already here and this bad Sad I really feel miserable about it all!

Has anyone else got any good tips/advice? Anyone been prescribed a wonder cream from gp that I could ask for?

OP posts:
FanaticalFox · 23/04/2017 21:22

Preparation H wipes are really good and soothing they contain witch hazel which actively help to shrink the piles too. They are in a bright yellow packet if you are trying to find them in the supermarket. Use them after every poo and you will see a difference.

Blondeshavemorefun · 23/04/2017 21:25

I feel your pain

I developed piles and bad ones around 35w. Was awful and so painful :(

Cream didn't do anything tbh

And giving birth didn't help them either. Not the first poo.

Lactulose helped. But not sure how much you can have due to gd

Daughter is almost 4w and they are finally shrinking. I do use cream on them

Hope yours are quicker at going down then mine x

Lucinda15 · 23/04/2017 21:57

Thanks all. I did find the preparation h wipes, and the gel. I've been using the anusol cream and suppositories as prescribed by gp and generally feeling a lot better, much less pain. But still very large and angry! I have a tel consultation with gp on tues, will be asking for the steroid cream, really hope she gives it to me. We go on holiday to centre parcs in a week... the thought of walking a lot or getting on a bike is making me wince! x

OP posts:
FloatyCat · 23/04/2017 22:12

Can you use germoloids when you are pregnant? It has an anaesthetic in it. Currently struggling myself with an apparently 'small' external pile. It's like being stabbed up the anus continuously Sad

Lucinda15 · 25/04/2017 15:56

I'm not sure about germaloids I'm afraid.

But.... I am so relieved as my GP (a different one than before) has prescribed me the steroid cream!! Was not fussed at all, said only for a few days and to go ahead. Can't wait to get to chemist!! Smile

OP posts:
Chocmudpie · 25/04/2017 16:19

There is a lack of definitive evidence of safety of Germoloids products in human pregnancy and lactation. ... Germoloids Ointment, Germoloids Cream and Germoloids Suppositories are suitable for use by pregnant or breast-feeding women, provided caution is exercised and the patient follows the directions for use.

From germoloids website.

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