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34 weeks babies weight.

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Sweetpea86 · 13/04/2017 17:01

Hi ladies, I'm 34 +4 just had a scan today (previous pre eclampsia) they said she weighs 5lbs 11oz. I've only gained 7 lbs the whole pregnancy. ( I'm overweight) is that average size for 34 week I thought maybe like 3-4 lbs

OP posts:
arbrighton · 13/04/2017 17:10

Where is it on your growth chart?

Waitingonasmile · 13/04/2017 17:11

I had a 35 weeker who was 4 and a half pounds so tgat seems quite big to me.

arbrighton · 13/04/2017 17:14

But, looking at my GROW chart, for me, at that gestation, that'd be pretty much dead on 50%

Redyellowpinkblue · 13/04/2017 17:16

I'm a little behind you but I had a growth scan today at 32 weeks and baby is measuring 5lb 4oz which is 95 percentile, she should be about 3lb 4oz apparently. So by that reckoning, they put on an average of half a lb a week so yours would be about 4.5lbs to be 'average' I think.
But growth scans are notoriously inaccurate (or scans of everyone keeps telling me, and they were with dd1) so I'm trying not to worry too much about the giant baby!!!

CreamCrackerundertheSettee · 13/04/2017 17:16

My 33 weeker was 4lb 6 so that seems an overestimate to me.

Mind you I they estimated my dd1 would be 8lb at birth (after a scan) and she was 6lb 13 so I'm not sure how accurate these estimates are.

UncontrolledImmigrant · 13/04/2017 17:17

My son was born at 34+6 and was 5 pounds 13 1/2 ounces

Estimates are inaccurate- your baby could be this size, or not

Redyellowpinkblue · 13/04/2017 17:17

I can't type, meant to say 'scans are so inaccurate or so everyone keeps telling me!'

DixieNormas · 13/04/2017 17:25

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DixieNormas · 13/04/2017 17:30

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

peasandquiet · 13/04/2017 17:31

Just had a growth scan at 33+6 and estimated at 5lb 10 which is 72nd percentile so I don't think it's massive massive!

Phoebesmam2013 · 13/04/2017 17:33

I had a growth scan on Tuesday at 30 weeks and my baby was 3lb2oz and I was told she was on the small side!

Sweetpea86 · 13/04/2017 17:47

Thanks ladies. They haven't marked any thing on the growth chart. It's just what I was reading of the scan notes. Smile

OP posts:
Justmadeperfectflapjacks · 13/04/2017 17:58

Ds was born @35 weeks @5-7.

LittleBearPad · 13/04/2017 17:59

Growth scans vary massively. DS was going to weigh 10lbs according to my growth scan. He was 7lbs 11oz

Hellmouth · 13/04/2017 18:03

DS was 5lb something on the scan at 34 weeks.

He was born at 42 weeks at 8lb 11oz

They're supposed to put on half a lb a week, I think, so I think my scan was pretty accurate :D

All the weight I put on was baby weight too

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